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Undergraduate Programs

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15 leading undergraduate programs in the fields of media, design, communication and more.

The only degree program of its kind in North America

With a focus on leadership and business in creative industries, this program offers students the most interdisciplinary form of learning. Students have the ability to complete courses offered in the eight other schools within FCAD.

Ranked Canada's top fashion school

The School's academically and artistically demanding programs focus on fashion as an art, as a business and as an intellectual challenge. With alumni reputation growing internationally, the School of Fashion is recognized for its strong technical skill in its program.

Come to the training ground of Canada’s top filmmakers

Gain extensive training in the practice of both analogue and digital storytelling techniques, by taking courses in screenwriting, directing, cin- ematography, production design, editing and more. Through various courses learn about what makes a film a work of art.

Canada’s only degree program for the graphic communications industry

Combine the creative and technical aspects of graphic communications with the analytical and strategic principles of business and management. This modern, flexible curriculum lets you pursue your passion of a product from concept and design through to completion.

One of the top three design schools in the world

This CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) program will allow you to focus on core streams of design, technology, history, professional development and visual communication in combination with educational experiences that include office visits, field trips and design-build projects.

Only journalism program to partner with Facebook on innovation

The School of Journalism prepares students for roles in print, broadcast and online media by teaching them to think critically and independently in order to tell stories that engage and serve the public.

Top 15 international media school - The Hollywood Reporter

Learn to produce content for media platforms by selecting a focus in television and video, radio and sound, or transmedia. Study digital media, screenwriting, media business, critical media theory and media audiences in order to understand the context of today’s dynamic media landscape.

Imagination set free

New Media fuses emerging technologies with art practice, media production, and theory. This program provides a foundation in interaction design, computer programming, gaming and mobile development, interactive storytelling, video and sound production, tangible interfaces, sensors, robotics, wearable computing, experiential design, and art installations.

No other program like it in North America

This program trains actors in the theory, skill and business of live performance. Through a combi- nation of studies in theatre, film, television, acting techniques, dance, voice, and movement training, you’ll learn to bring classroom teachings to life on stage.

The most intensive program of its kind in Canada

A combination of rigorous training in ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary, with studies in improvisation, composition, music and anatomy. You’ll also take a variety of classes in acting, singing, and choreography.

Internationally recognized in the entertainment industry

Learn all aspects of a live show - management, publicity and marketing, props and costumes, lighting and sound, and technical direction and then select a field of specialization.

A leading visual media program for a digital world

In this program’s intensive, hands on production environment, you will develop your visual skills in still, moving and computer-generated imagery. Prepare yourself for a career in the ever-expanding world of visual culture, working with the very best equipment, facilities and teachers in Canada’s pre-eminent photography program.

One-of-a-kind professionally-oriented program in Canada

This vibrant program addresses the growing need for formally qualified specialists to plan, implement and oversee communications at organizational and global levels, whether in government, health care, corporations or not-for- profit organizations.

Learn how media changes the game

Learn production, sport entertainment management, journalism and marketing in combination with the study of issues and concepts informing and shaping the sport industry. Also available is an optional business minor from the Ted Rogers School of Management.

One-of-a-kind professionally-oriented program in Canada

This one-of-a-kind program is designed to let you tap into your passion for music and equip you with the skills to thrive in the modern music industry. Develop your creativity and business savviness for careers in digital audio recording, live entertainment, entrepreneurship and other roles across the music industry. The program exposes you to rich and diverse experiences, including music fundamentals, studio and live production and the business of music.