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Faculty of Communication & Design

Three successful international collaborations were piloted in 2018:

London, UK

International teams comprised of LSBU game design students and interdisciplinary FCAD students collaborated on the development of tabletop games exploring the issue of food security. Over the course of the semester, teams developed original concepts, built and tested several prototypes through an iterative process, and participated in workshops and lectures with leading designers from around the world.

Dubai, UAE

Interdisciplinary teams from FCAD and Canadian University Dubai collaborated on the creative development of a hybrid digital experience campaign to promote Expo 2020’s theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

Perth, Australia

International teams comprised of WAAPA Aboriginal Performance students and FCAD School of Performance acting and production/design students collaborated on the development of a new stage play exploring issues of migration, identity, and “crossing borders.”


Diana Sanchez

Creative Industries

"Working and collaborating with other students, especially at an international level, is incredibly rewarding. It provides you with powerful tools for the future, tools like empathy, patience, tolerance and communication skills. Personally, one of the most important outcomes is learning how to bring an open mind and heart to the table."