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FCAD embarks on a new partnership with TSN

TSN’s internship program promotes diversity and inclusion in Canadian sport media
October 20, 2020

Bell Media’s TSN has partnered with FCAD to help advance diversity and inclusion in Sports Media. TSN’s newly launched Jonathan Gayle-West Memorial Internship Program provides students at the RTA School of Media and School of Journalism who are Black, Indigenous or people of colour with the opportunity to work both behind the scenes and in front of the camera alongside co-hosts Jay Onrait (RTA '98) and Dan O'Toole on TSN’s SC with Jay and Dan Presented by McDonald’s.

The internship program honours the late Jonathan Gayle-West, a beloved member of the TSN family and a story editor for the SC with Jay and Dan Presented by McDonald’s. Jonathan was an aspiring sports anchor preparing to audition for SportsCentre before his life was tragically taken in December 2018. In memory of Jonathan, the internship program speaks to FCAD and Bell Media’s diversity and inclusion initiatives by increasing professional opportunities for marginalized student communities at FCAD and diversifying the future of Canadian sport media.

“Johnny was a very valuable part of the team at our show, and I miss seeing his smiling face when I walk into the studio every day,” said Onrait. “We wanted to honour his memory with the launch of this internship, which will provide opportunities to young BIPOC broadcasters, and in turn, help to carry on Johnny’s legacy.”

TSN's SC logo

TSN's internship program offers sport media industry experience to BIPOC students at FCAD

Source: News on News

Co-hosts of TSN’s SC with Jay and Dan

Co-hosts of TSN’s SC with Jay and Dan presented by McDonald's, Jay Onrait (left) and Dan O'Toole (right)

Source: Talent Bureau

From behind the scenes to on-air

TSN interns will be provided with the unique opportunity to exercise the skillset they developed throughout their undergraduate degree and interest in sports and pop-culture at the intersection of sport media and comedy. The three-month internship will take place in the final year of the student’s Journalism, New Media, Media Production or Sport Media degree. Student applicants are required to have attended a mandatory info-session with co-host Jay Onrait, producer Tim Moriarty, head writer Brendan Halloran, as well as submit a two-minute video highlighting their skills as an integral part of the application process.

Tasks will include writing scripts for voice-over segments; participating in show meetings and bringing ideas to the writers’ table; appearing on-camera for segments; sourcing and developing social media content; running teleprompter; and much more. Students will also receive one-on-one mentorship by industry experts and contribute to the production of the show working closely with producers, writers, editors and on-air talent, as well as develop contacts among members of the sport media industry. Student’s contributions to the show  will result in tangible collateral pieces and a demo tape as an addition to their professional portfolio. The internship program is designed to build a strong and diverse pipeline for permanent employment with TSN and Bell Media’s other entertainment channels.

“When I saw the post about the TSN internship, I immediately clicked it. Since my first year at FCAD, I always knew I wanted to intern for TSN,” said fourth-year RTA Media Production student, Amit Bhattacharjee. “Nothing makes me happier in the world than sports, whether it’s football, soccer,  basketball, hockey, baseball, MMA, or boxing. The opportunity to become a TSN intern would truly be an amazing experience.”

Diversifying the future of Canadian sport media

Owned by Bell Media, TSN holds a broad portfolio of multimedia sports. The Jonathan Gayle-West Memorial Internship Program is the latest initiative offered by the sports broadcaster  to offer racialized students at FCAD opportunities to gain hands-on experience and industry connections with TSN and Bell Media’s other entertainment channels. 

“It is great to be partnering with TSN on an initiative that offers valuable learning experiences to our BIPOC students. At FCAD we are committed to diversity in media and creative industries through actions that are tangible and impactful,” said Charles Falzon, Dean of FCAD. 

FCAD’s partnership with TSN provides students with the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the sport media landscape in the early stages of their career. Positioning marginalized student communities and voices at the forefront of Canadian sport media is integral to creating and sustaining positive change in the sports industry. The Jonathan Gayle-West Memorial Internship Program is designed to achieve these objectives by encouraging the students’ creativity and innovation in advancing, rethinking and diversifying the future of Canadian sport media.

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