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FCAD COVID-19 Information and Updates

Please visit Ryerson’s COVID-19 information and updates for campus-wide policies and news.

Fall 2020 Semester

All the programs are building on FCAD's robust virtual infrastructure to offer curricular requirements virtually and create an interactive and innovative online learning experience for the students this fall. 

A few select FCAD programs are currently looking into offering limited on-campus experiential opportunities that would complement the online activities. This may include access to equipment, studios, and/or intensive workshops and labs. These select experiences will strictly depend on the program and will be subject to the safety and health parameters at the time. 

Our current plan is to offer these limited on-campus experiences optionally. Those who are unable to participate, because of their living arrangement, will be provided a strong alternative virtually. This means living in Toronto or coming to campus will not be a requirement for Fall 2020 and students will achieve all the intended learning objectives whether or not they participate in any of the complementary in-person experiences.

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Quick FAQs

Coming to campus will not be a requirement for Fall 2020. All of our programs at FCAD will be offering robust, interactive online learning experiences. Some programs will offer limited, on-campus experiential opportunities that complement virtual components, but these are optional. Those who are unable to participate because of their living arrangements will be provided a strong virtual alternative. 

Technology requirements will differ from program to program. Please connect directly with your program or academic advisor. If you are not sure who to contact, feel free to send an email to for support.

Synchronous learning allows you to learn at the same time with your classmates and in the same ways. Asynchronous learning allows you to learn the same material at different times, in different time zones from different locations. 

Course delivery differs from course to course. All details will be communicated to you directly ahead of the semester. 

  • Programs will be offering a mix of synchronous and asynchronous virtual courses. 
  • Details and plans will be shared with you ahead of the semester.

Our Academic Advisors are available virtually to assist first-year students with course enrolment. Some programs may host webinars or share pre-recorded tutorials. Check with your program for more details and information.


  • When Toronto Public Health advises that we can start transitioning back to campus, this will happen gradually.
  • Physical access to studios and labs, equipment and facilities, and smaller hands-on classes will be available for some programs provided that proper physical distancing and protective gear are in place. More information and details will be shared with you ahead of the semester as needed.
  • Yes, you might notice in the official calendar that some of the courses you would normally take in the Fall term are not in your schedule (schedules will be available in early August, more information to come). 
  • Some labs, studios, and smaller hands-on courses may have moved from fall to winter as they are simply not suited for virtual learning.
  • All in-person experiential opportunities, such as labs and workshops, will only be offered as complementary experiences. They will not be required for Fall 2020, and those who are unable to participate will be offered a strong virtual alternative.
  • To learn more about how Ryerson approaches teaching with technology (e.g., online learning, blended learning, technology enhanced learning), you can click here.
  • At FCAD, we’ll make sure the students are having an interactive and stimulating learning experience virtually.