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Faculty of Community Services

About the Faculty of Community Services

The Faculty of Community Services (FCS) at Ryerson University is a community of innovators, creators, collaborators, scholars, designers, planners and practitioners who understand and care about multiple perspectives.  

We strive to impact individuals and communities to propel positive and enduring change. With passion, rigour and curiosity, we develop knowledge for action, prepare students to address complex social and ecological challenges, and work to create a just society by building with communities.

Our mission and vision

Our mission

Ryerson’s Faculty of Community Services activates the intersection of mind and action by a commitment across our disciplines to social change. With a collaborative and passionate approach to transformative teaching and learning, we prepare changemakers of the 21st century. Innovation in research, teaching, and learning is faculty-­wide strategy to address societal challenges.

Our vision

To engage with our communities to challenge the status quo and enable meaningful change.

Dean's message

Leading progressive social change through thought and action

Welcome to Ryerson’s Faculty of Community Services. Our instructors are exemplary teachers who equip students to drive future change by incorporating research, social innovation and interprofessional education into their teaching.

Innovative, hands-on learning experiences in the classroom and in the field prepare our students to become highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals at the leading edge of practice.

Research activities at the faculty reflect a commitment to working in partnership with community groups, policy makers and service providers to develop evidence that advances health and social well-being.

By creating and sharing knowledge, we support progressive, transformative change in lives and communities.

Take advantage of the exciting opportunities we offer. Have a look at our programs, meet our people and decide if Ryerson’s Faculty of Community Services is right for you.


Lisa Barnoff

What is community services?

Community service professionals support the health and social needs of individuals, families and communities. Working on the front line, in policy, as advocates and as educators, they enhance our individual and collective health and well-being. We educate our students for careers in:

  • Social work

  • Early childhood education

  • Midwifery

  • Nursing

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Public health
 and safety
  • Urban planning

  • Nutrition

  • Disability advocacy

  • Child and youth care

Meeting the needs of the community requires an integrated approach. That's why programs such as our Interprofessional Education initiative position students to collaborate in support of community needs.

Our graduates go on to seek novel and transformative solutions to social problems — helping to create sustainable systemic change and achieving social justice, inclusion and equity for marginalized populations.

Our schools and programs

Building strong communities demands a holistic approach. That’s why our undergraduate and graduate programs embrace an interdisciplinary perspective, reaching across diverse areas of expertise to respond effectively to society’s needs.

Faculty initiatives

Ryerson’s Faculty of Community Services goes beyond teaching in the classroom to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are supported to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. We work hard to foster a community dedicated to excellence and have a number of initiatives in place to support success. These include:

  • Supporting our students to build their academic skills

  • Helping our faculty pursue teaching and research excellence

  • Fostering a culture of innovation in the social services

  • Helping to translate our research into policy and practice

Our people

Our students are future community service professionals who go on to support the health and social needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Our faculty are leaders in their fields, coming from across the country and around the world to be at Ryerson. They regularly make important contributions to research, policy, practice and teaching.

At the Dean’s Office, our staff are dedicated to supporting our students and faculty to succeed. We provide leadership and support in the areas of:

  • Student success
  • Research
  • Learning and teaching
  • Development
  • Academic administration

Our partners and consultants at Ryerson advise our faculty and staff in the areas of human resources, financial services, and marketing and creative services.

Our partnerships

Our schools work with diverse stakeholders in Canada and around the world to create important learning, research and work placement opportunities for our students.

At the faculty, we've partnered with SickKids and Amrita University on two exciting initiatives.

Partnering for child and youth success

We’ve partnered with SickKids to create IMPAKT — The Ontario Institute for Child and Youth Success. Together, we engage in collaborative research with community organizations to create innovative solutions that improve the lives of marginalized children and families.

Through IMPAKT, SickKids members share the latest research findings and practice-based knowledge with our students studying to become frontline social workers, early childhood educators, midwives, nurses, dietitians, child life specialists, and child and youth caregivers.

By generating new knowledge and directing it to our students and the community, we are integrating timely evidence into policy and practice and having a profound impact on child and youth success.

Connecting to change abroad

We’ve forged a new partnership with Amrita University in Kerala, India. Some of our students have already had the exciting  opportunity to travel there and participate in a Live-in Lab program — learning more about issues in rural Indian communities and devising solutions firsthand.

“It was important to take what I have learned at Ryerson and not only apply it in the field, but in a different culture” said Kimberley Slimming, fourth-year Child and Youth Care student.

We are excited to send more of our students to Amrita University, as part of our new Minor in Social Innovation.