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Collection Services

Ryerson University Collection Services works with students to resolve past-due payment issues fairly and equitably, before they become unmanageable.

Student account holds

When fees for the upcoming semester aren’t paid on time or when your student account is deemed high-risk for non-payment, it's put on collection hold until fees are paid in full. Accounts that remain overdue follow a schedule of actions.

The table below shows how account holds escalate:

Days overdue Impact
31 days Student transcripts and graduation documents are denied
61 days Manual hold on enrolment and all other university services
121 days System hold on enrolment and all other university services
181 days Student account assigned to a collection agency

Is your student account on hold?

Learn about the possible reasons why you’re receiving collection calls or having trouble completing administrative tasks.

Your student account is placed on collection hold when tuition for the upcoming semester has not been paid 31 days after the due date for payment.

Both types of holds, placed on accounts at 61 and 121 days past due, block you from university services such as enrollment, access to grades, transcripts and graduation documents.

When your student account has been in collections numerous times.

If you have tuition fees past due at the time of course intention conversion, the RAMSS system will automatically drop you from any preselected course intentions for next semester.

Your account is forwarded to a collection agency when:

  • there’s a lack of response from you

  • payment arrangements are broken

  • full payment has not been received by a specified timeframe

If you’ve received a message to call this number, it’s because your student account is on hold due to unpaid fees. Give us a call back and we’ll help you sort through the details.

General student support questions can be directed to the Service Hub.


If you have questions about student account holds or collection options, contact Collection Services at 416-979-5071 or