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Katie Flinn








This has allowed me to engage with current and future students by planning and organizing events across campus to create a lasting impact among all students. I have been fortunate enough to expand my employment experience through Career Boost and have been part of the General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Governors for the University and now have a position with Ryerson's Law Practice Program.

Last year I co-organized and co-hosted a Voice of Innocence Panel to raise awareness of Wrongful Convictions, there were over 250 attendees. Being able to create these events to open discussions on international human rights issues such as this was an honour to do and it is something I want to continue to do in hopes that it could teach and inspire other students to make a difference on and off-campus.


Katie Flinn is currently in her third year of the History program. She has been the Chief of Staff at the Ryerson History Society for the past two years.