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Application Priority System

Below is the priority system used to determine the order that students are offered a space in residence:

Residence Application Priorities

  • 1st year students
  • Farthest distance from Ryerson

If there are more applicants than there are available spaces in residence, students will be placed on the waiting list in order of their priority.

Offer Dates

Offer dates

1st Round: June 15, 2018

After summer offers, weekly offers throughout the school year will be made to students on the waiting list as spaces become available.

Receiving a residence offer

The first round of offers will be emailed out June 15, 2018. Students will only receive one residence offer per residence application.

The offer email will contain:


When you move into residence you will find out your specific room number, phone extension, and mailbox.

Declining a Residence Offer

I do not want a place in residence

If you have already been emailed an offer and choose to decline it, you can do so by logging on to eRez and choosing decline. You will not be refunded the $50 application fee. To cancel an application that has not yet received an offer please visit Application Cancellations.

I don’t like the room type I was offered

We prioritize finding you a space in residence and then try to match your room choices if possible. We can only make one offer per residence application, if you chose to decline it and reapply with different room preferences you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list and will not be refunded the $50 application fee.

My offer to Ryerson was revoked

As long as a student emails within five (5) business days of being notified of the revoked status by Ryerson, the residence offer will be cancelled and the $50 application fee will be refunded.