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Waiting List

As of September 9:

The second round of offers has been completed on July 5.

A mini-round of offers was also completed on July 8.

The third round of offers has been completed on July 13.

The fourth round of offers has been completed on July 21.

The fifth round of offers has been completed on July 27.

  • Starting August 3rd until the end of the month, offers will be sent out each day as beds become available. Applicants will be given a shorter timeframe to respond to their offer so that we may get through as many applicants on the waitlist as possible during the month and the Housing Office may reach out to waitlisted applicants ahead of the offer expiry date. You are advised to ensure your email and phone number are up-to-date so that you do not miss any communications.

Weekly offers will begin starting on September 20.

Check Important Dates, opens in new window to see when the next round of offers will be.

What is the waiting list

Students who do not receive a residence offer of accommodation during the 1st round of offers are assigned a space on the residence waiting list. The order of the waiting list is determined by the priority system. The number of students on the waitlist in the first round differs year to year based on demand.

Receiving a late offer

More rounds of offers will be made to the students placed on the waiting list before school starts. We will do our best to send offers during the summer as space becomes available in a timely manner to ensure you are able to make a final decision on your choice of accommodation before the school year begins. Once school has started, offers will be made once per week as rooms become available. Please be prepared to pay the first installment fee within one week of receiving a late offer.

If an individual(s) in a roommate group receives an offer in a later round, we will try to fulfill the roommate group if possible before Move-In Day.

Changing room style preferences

A student on the waiting list, who has not yet received an offer of residence, is able to change their room style preferences by emailing with updated preferences. We encourage applicants to re-consider and expand their preferences to maximize their chances of receiving an offer once a room style becomes available. As per application instructions, you will only be considered for room styles you include in your room preferences.

Removing yourself from the waiting list

Email requesting to be removed from the waiting list or log onto eRez to withdraw your application.