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Bouchaib Bahli

Dr. Bouchaib Bahli

DepartmentInformation Technology Management
EducationMSc, MBA, PhD
Phone416-979-5000 x 2445


Professor Bahli is a full professor with international academic experience in Canada, Austria and France. He has held several management positions, including Associate Dean for Strategic Planning, Associate Dean for Research and Accreditations, as well as Chair of several academic departments.

Professor Bahli’s research expertise and interests are around the strategic management of digital transformation, business services automation, risk management and outsourcing. Professor Bahli believes that academics should conduct research that has an impact on their students, managers and the wide public. He has published in several international academic journals including Information and Management, OMEGA, the international journal of Management Science, Journal of Information Technology, Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Production Research and, Transportation Researches. He has been cited and interviewed by several media outlets in Canada, Austria, and France. His teaching philosophy is rooted in inquiry and experiential based learning approach.

Teaching Interests:

Systems Analysis and Design, Management Information Systems, Sourcing Management, Project Management, Research Methodology, Quantitative Methods

Strategic management of digital transformation, business services automation, risk management of IT projects, outsourcing.

Refereed Journal Articles
M.A. Edalatpoura , S.M.J. Mirzapour Al-e-hashema, B. Karimia , B. Bahli. Investigation on a novel sustainable model for waste management in megacities: A case study in Tehran municipality, Sustainable Cities and Society, 36, 2018, 286-301 
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Sazvar, Z; Al-elhashem, M; Govindan, K; Bahli, B. A nomver mathematical model for a multi-period, multi-product, optimal ordering problem considering expiry dates in a FIFO system, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 93, 2016, 232-261.
Yang, I and Bahli, B. "Interplay of cognition and emotion in IS usage", Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 28, 3, 2015, pp. 363 – 376.
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DiTullio, D and Bahli, B. “The impact of Software Process Maturity on Software Project Performance: The Contingent Role of Software Development Risk”, Systèmes d’information et Management, 18, 3, 2013.
Refereed Conference Proceedings

Lakshmi, V and Bahli, B. An examination of the relationship of ICT penetration and innovation: A cross-country analysis using FSQCA method. 7th GIKA Conference Proceedings, Lisbon, Portugal,  June 28-30, 2017.

Issa, H; Lakshmi, V; Nishant, R; Bahli, B. Understanding the antecedents of different types of technostress: A non-linear approach, 8th Annual Conference of the European Decision Science Institute, May 29-June 1, Granada, Spain, 2017.
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Patel, A. Benslimane, Y; Bahli, B; Yang, Z; “Addressing IT Security in Practice: Key Responsibilities, Competencies and Implications on Related Bodies of Knowledge” ”, Proceedings of the IEEE on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Hong Kong, December 10-13, 2012.
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Bahli, B., “Enabling Innovation in Information Technology Outsourcing: An Empirical Study”, Australasian Conference on information Systems (ACIS), Geelong, Australia, Dec 3-5, 2012.
Borgman, H; Heier, H; Bahli, B. Paradise by the Dashboard Light: Designing Metrics in Turbulent Environments, the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Hawaii, USA, Jan 4-7, 2012. (Nominated for best paper).
Heier, H; Borgman, H; Bahli, B. “Cloudrise: Opportunities and Challenges for IT Governance at the Dawn of Cloud Computing”, the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Jan 4-7, Hawaii, USA, 2012.
Book Chapters

Bahli B., Rivard S. The Information Technology Outsourcing Risk: A Transaction Cost and Agency Theory-Based Perspective. In: Willcocks L., Lacity M., Sauer C. (eds) Outsourcing and Offshoring Business Services. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2017

Ronnie J-Figueiredo , Bouchaib Bahli , Osvaldo Quelhas Sustainability and Innovation in the Value Chain: The Energy Company Case in Knowledge, Innovation, and Sustainable Development in Organizations: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspectives. Publisher: Springer. Peris-Ortiz, M., Ferreria, J., & Merigó, J. (2017). 
Bahli, Bouchaib and Rivard, Suzanne, “Information Technology Outsourcing Risk,” in Information Technology Outsourcing, S. Rivard and B. A. Aubert (Editors), M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, NY, 2007, pp. 199-134.


Course Code Course Title
ITM 305 Systems Analysis and Design
ITM 750 IS Project Management
ITM 90A/B Graduation Project
Year Affiliation
2005 Honorary Society of Beta, Gamma, Sigma (Lifetime Member)