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The Colour Media Lab

The Colour Media Lab seeks proposals, ideas, and collborative ventures with students and industry partners. Please contact to inquire! 

Paper: “20th Century Electrographic Color”

Color Impact 2020, June 2020 (postponed to June 2021), Yale University

Invited talk, “Techno Color”

Towards a History of Modern Colour, May 2020 (postponed to September 2021), Cambridge University

Invited talk, “Color as Signal and / Noise”

Into the Air Symposium, January 2020, Carleton University

Paper: “Mystic Crystal Revelations”

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), October 2019, Milan, Italy

Invited talk, “Color as Glitch and/or Noise”

Media Aesthetics Workshop, May 2019, Northwestern University

“Neon Aesthetics”

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), March 2019, Seattle, WA

Invited talk, “The X-Ray Sublime”

Catalyst Research Lab, November 2018, Ryerson University

Invited talk, “Chroma Glitch”

History and Philosophy of Design and Media Program, October 2018, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Invited talk, “Digital Aesthetics”

Digital Aesthetics Workshop, October 2018, Stanford University

Invited talk, “Anti-Communication in Media Fashions” 

Becoming Digital, February 2018, College of Architecture at The University of Michigan

Invited Speaker, “Prosaic Plastic Politics”

e-flux, April 2017, New York, New York

Invited Speaker, “Chroma Glitch Histories”

Art as Information: Image as Algorithm, Data and Diagram, April 2017, University of Ottawa

Invited Speaker, “Datamoshing” 

Big Data / Small Screens, October 2016, Toronto Film & Media Seminar, TIFF Lightbox