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Research Integrity

The front of Ryerson's Oakham House residence, an older building covered in ivy

Ryerson University is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity. As set out in PDF filePolicy #118 – Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity (SRC) Integrity Policy, opens in new window, it is expected that all members of the University (including faculty, staff and students, and those who are not members of the University but who are conducting research on University premises or using University resources) will observe the highest standards in the conduct of their research.

Intellectual freedom and honesty are essential to the sharing and development of knowledge. In order to demonstrate Ryerson’s adherence to these fundamental values, all members of the community must exhibit integrity in their teaching, learning, research, evaluation and personal behaviour.

Individuals are personally responsible for the intellectual and ethical quality of their work and must ensure that their research meets University standards and the standards of those entities sponsoring any component of the research. They are responsible for knowing what constitutes appropriate SRC conduct.

Ryerson’s Policy #118 contains information including what constitutes misconduct, what constitutes a research conflict of interest, the duty to report misconduct and conflicts of interest, the process and procedures for reporting, and outlines of the processes and timelines for dealing with allegations.