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2022 Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) and Showcase

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The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation will be funding the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) program in Summer 2022. The URO program offers students a meaningful opportunity to participate in Scholarly, Research and Creative (SRC) activities and to benefit from working directly with a faculty mentor.

  • Participants must be current, full-time undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • The award cannot be held concurrently with another paid student position.
  • The program supports student employment for 14 weeks from May to August 2022.

For complete details and deadlines for the URO program, please email your faculty contact (see below for email) and include ‘URO Program’ in the subject line.

URO Workshop and Showcase

Hosted by the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, in collaboration with the Ryerson Library, the URO Workshop and Showcase offer valuable opportunities for undergraduate students to learn important SRC-related professional development skills and to prepare for academic and career futures.

  • The workshop will provide students with an opportunity to learn important and valuable SRC translation, presentation and communication skills. 
  • The showcase will allow students to share the work they have been doing over the summer. It will be a multidisciplinary event, designed to highlight the student’s SRC activities and to help them practice important presentation and knowledge translation skills.
  • This is also an opportunity for students to engage with other students and faculty members outside their field of study.
  • The range of projects presented at the event will be diverse, with presentations from undergraduate researchers from all faculties.
  • Please don’t forget that the workshop and showcase are required elements of the URO program (as per the URO Guidelines, 2021 Competition).

Details for the URO Showcase 2022 will be coming in May 2022.


Workshop and Showcase-related Questions:

Yes. The Showcase is a mandatory requirement of the URO program.

The URO Showcase is hosted by the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, in collaboration with the Ryerson Library, to help promote undergraduate research at Ryerson. The Showcase is a valuable opportunity for students to learn important research-related skills and to prepare for academic and career development. 

Students will present their research to a wider audience, including faculty, supervisors and staff. Other students presenting during the session will also be part of the audience.

Students will receive notice to confirm the time and date of their presentation after the URO Workshop in August 2022.

Students can access the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository, opens in new window to view projects from the 2020/2021 URO cohort.

URO students can opt to add their poster/presentation as a PDF version to the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository, opens in new window.

Citation style varies across disciplines. Check with your supervisor to determine what citation style you should use.

Eligibility-related Questions:

Yes. Fourth-year students soon to be graduating are eligible to apply for the URO program, but priority will be given to second- and third-year students.

If the student is taking four courses and therefore has a full-time load, then the student is eligible to apply.

Normally, the student should be enrolled full-time for the entire academic year.

Normally, the preference is for undergraduates to be enrolled full-time for the entire academic year, but the OVPRI and the Faculties recognize that circumstances may exist where part-time students may have a justification as to why they should be eligible for the program. Supervisors will need to provide a rationale in the supervisor form.

The URO program is first and foremost a student award intended to recognize the excellence of Ryerson students. As a competitive program, only a handful of awards are available per Faculty. As such, the URO program requires that students (at a minimum) have a cumulative GPA greater than 3.0.

Please note that the “excellence of the student” is further adjudicated as a specific criterion on a Faculty-by-Faculty basis, and it is therefore recommended that any questions on this matter should be directed to your relevant Faculty’s contact.

The URO program encourages interdisciplinary collaborations, but due to the limited number of URO awards available, preference is normally given to the Faculties’ own students. However, if and when interdisciplinary collaborations do arise, participants of the program are referred to their Faculty’s contact (above).

No. Students are limited to one application for one URO opportunity only.

Adjudication-related Questions:

The URO program is adjudicated at the Faculty level, meaning that each individual Faculty announces the call for proposals, reviews submissions, and selects their Faculty’s URO grant recipients. Students and supervisors are required to complete the application form together, which is then submitted and adjudicated by the supervisor’s respective Faculty adjudication committee.

Award-related Questions:

No. Please note that the award cannot be held concurrently with another paid student position.

Yes. All students and supervisors are required to discuss the mutual expectations between both parties as highlighted in the PDF fileURO Student-Supervisor Mutual Expectations Checklist, opens in new window.

Forms must be signed by both the student and supervisor and retained by the supervisor.

No. URO awards are non-transferable. Please note that the URO award belongs specifically to the student and is not a faculty member’s award. In the event that the original awarded student is unable to take up the position, it is the responsibility of the adjudication committee to award another adjudicated student (who will pursue the opportunity with their supervisor).