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About Us

SciXchange logo and tagline: Learn. Engage. Communicate.


  • dedication to increase science literacy
  • commitment to community engagement
  • fostering of local, national and international collaborations
  • provision of experiential learning opportunities for students
  • promotion and support of faculty in science communication and outreach


Our mission is to make science engaging, comprehensible and accessible to the general public. We aim to increase science literacy and foster critical thinking about scientific issues. We provide opportunities for members of the community to engage in science through hands-on work and discussion. We support scientists in effectively communicating about their research. We offer students new opportunities for experiential learning through science outreach. We are guided by principles of diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of our work.


SciXchange will be a national centre to promote science communication and outreach. We will be associated with science research and communication that is grounded in the public interest. Through local, national, and international collaborations, we will be a global leader in making science accessible and inclusive, increasing science literacy and engagement worldwide.