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SHAD at Ryerson

SHAD at Ryerson

Ryerson University and SHAD are pleased to announce that they will be bringing a new cohort of the SHAD program to Ryerson campus, beginning in July 2017.

SHAD is a lifelong experience that begins with a month-long summer program, which shows students that they can achieve anything if they think big and pursue their extraordinary potential. As a registered Canadian charity, SHAD teaches high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. Ryerson University is gearing up to become the first GTA campus to host the SHAD program and the 13th in total in Canada.

Ryerson is a leader in innovative, career-oriented education and takes pride in its innovative culture that recognizes entrepreneurship as part of its academic mission. As a university, Ryerson is committed to preparing students to become leaders in today’s globally competitive workforce. SHAD’s track record of over three decades of preparing youth to become leaders speaks to a mission that is very similar in nature to Ryerson’s.

SHAD and Ryerson are collaborating with a focus on teaching students to think for themselves and create global change.

What is SHAD?

Founded in 1980 and based in Waterloo, SHAD is a Canadian charity focused on empowering exceptional high school students. SHAD gives students the opportunity to recognize what they are capable of, and to envision themselves as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers.

Every year, more than 700 students from across Canada and the world live in residence at a Canadian host university to attend SHAD’s month-long summer program. Programming focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).

SHAD students learn to think outside the box, to prototype, to innovate, to run a business, to create a marketing plan and to have the confidence and creativity to find global solutions.

SHAD believes that intelligence alone doesn’t guarantee success; SHAD’s programming focuses on teaching future leaders to develop confidence in their abilities and to see themselves as innovators and entrepreneurs.

Monica Sauer, Director of SHAD at Ryerson

Meet Monica Sauer, Director of SHAD at Ryerson

Monica Sauer is a scientist and researcher who loves to teach, and she will be leading SHAD programming at Ryerson. Monica will encourage and foster creativity, development and experimentation among the students, and will handle staff recruitment as well as supervision and program implementation.

For nearly a decade, she has taught a wide variety of sciences and she has researched within a number of Toronto’s hospitals.

Monica’s passion working with youth comes from her experience with outreach programs, and teaching science to elementary school students (and their teachers) and high school students.  She enjoys mentoring, and has made science accessible for numerous high school and undergraduate students through research lab programs. She has been a faculty member and Chair of Biotechnology for the Bachelor of Technology at McMaster University for three years.

Monica’s focus on creativity and innovation has led her to design, create and teach the majority of the courses in McMaster University’s Biotechnology stream. Monica also created and taught a class on genetics for human biology at the University of Toronto for classes of up to 1,000 students. At Ryerson University, Monica designed, implemented and continues to teach a Liberal Studies course to promote critical thinking and science literacy for non-science students. Monica is also a sessional lecturer in Ryerson’s Department of Chemistry and Biology.

Monica strives to make learning enjoyable and interactive for her students. She is known for giving engaging presentations tying science to popular TV shows and movies, assignments relating back to real topics from popular media and hands on experiments in her lecture room.

Monica’s past experience includes regional coordinator for high school competition Sanofi Biogenius Canada, matching students with mentors in labs throughout the GTA, as well as running a forensics boot camp for high school students with Bioscience Education Canada in 2012.

If you’re a high school student and you want to apply…

High school students selected to attend SHAD programming are well-rounded, creative leaders and problem solvers. They’re leaders in school, volunteers in their communities and, according to SHAD’s website, often gifted musicians, artists and athletes.

If that sounds like you or you want to know more about SHAD and what it could do for you, please visit Applications for the upcoming summer 2017 programs are due November 28.

If you’re in the Ryerson community and want to get involved…

SHAD is bringing many opportunities to Ryerson faculty, and the program will soon be hiring for various positions. Stay tuned for more information on opportunities to participate.

Additionally, SHAD is looking for faculty members interested in delivering guest lectures to SHAD attendees. There are a variety of related topics, from science, tech, math, and engineering to entrepreneurship and communications.

If you’re interested in contributing as a guest lecturer, please contact Monica Sauer, Director of SHAD at Ryerson.

SHAD at Ryerson’s Steering Committee

Bringing SHAD to Ryerson was a joint initiative between the Faculty of Science, Ted Rogers School of Management, Student Affairs, the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and the Sandbox by DMZ.

To support the implementation of the SHAD program at Ryerson, a steering committee has been established. Currently, the steering committee members are as follows:

  • Andy McWilliams – Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator First Year and Common Science Office – Faculty of Science
  • Boza Tasic – Associate Professor, Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • John Austin – Executive Director, Student Affairs
  • Sean Mullin – Executive Director, Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship
  • Seth Dworkin – Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • David Kwok – Programs and Community Coordinator, Sandbox by DMZ