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Welcome to Sociology!

Whether you are specializing in Sociology, pursuing a double Major, Minor degree, or taking an elective course with us, we invite you to follow your intellectual curiosity and explore a wide range of themes such as equity and diversity, social justice and transformative social change; gendered relations and inequalities; racism and racialization; sexualities; the city, local and global communities; popular culture; social networking; Indigeneity in Canada; children and youth; immigration and settlement; food and eating; work and making a living; and tourism in the Caribbean.

If you are interested in our undergraduate program in Sociology or in the individual courses we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Program Administrator and our Undergraduate Program Director are eager to help students with course selection and career planning in Sociology, and our Department Chair welcomes general student inquiries and concerns.  

Message from the Chair

We generally spend a lot of our lives learning to not to see, touch, smell, taste, or hear the world around us. Young children routinely ask, “Why?” But as people in this society grow into adulthood, we tend to stop seeking explanations and start assuming we know, drawing on what we have been taught by family members, teachers, employers, media personalities, friends and others. We get used to injustice and learn to live with it.

Sociology is a set of tools for examining the world around us as if for the first time, so we can actually face reality and seek explanations for the way things work. These tools of inquiry build up our effectiveness at assessing situations and making our actions count.

The Ryerson Sociology department includes specialists who in the study of environmental justice, Indigenous perspectives, racism and anti-racism, gender and sexuality, changing worlds of work, urban life and media images.  We pride ourselves on a commitment to equity and inclusion and an orientation to experiential and community-based learning. If you want to know more, feel free to be in touch.

Dr. Alan Sears
Chair, Department of Sociology

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