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Student Stories

Headshot of Jasmine Vargus

Jasmin Jones Vargas

Former 2SLGBTQ+ Group Mentor, FCS Lead Mentor

“Yet, what I remember most is witnessing a person discovering a part of themselves and slowly being comfortable in their own skin. It was a beautiful moment, and I was able to experience with a handful of wonderful individuals.”

Headshot of Pauline Jawaki

Paulina Jankowska

Former Career Mentoring Program Assistant, TRSM Lead Mentor

“Seeing mentees excel and reach their career goals throughout the year always inspired me! I was able to learn from every career mentor I spoke to! ”

Adriana Carpanzano Headshot

Adriana Carpanzano

Former Faculty of Arts Lead Mentor

“ Tri-mentoring was such a large part of my schooling life at Ryerson, and the team became a second family to me. 

I truly believe that this program is such an integral part of student life, and the Ryerson community. I want all students to know that they have fantastic resources for community building and support at Ryerson, and Tri-mentoring can really provide you with an enriching student life experience.”

Headshot of Sienna Smith

Sienna Smith

Former Faculty of Science Lead Mentor

“ Group mentoring allows for students to find a community on campus and make new friends, all while learning how to better themselves on a personal and academic level.

The TMP 2019-20 welcome party, and the Black grad ceremony provided me with the chance to meet new people and be proud of my journey as a Black Ryerson student.”