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Courses Developed

The Enterprise Blockchain Technology is a new fourth year elective which will help students develop a deeper understanding of blockchain technology in the context of an enterprise. It explores the drivers and use cases for adoption of blockchain technology in the enterprise. It begins by providing a historical landscape of the origins of blockchain.  It then covers the technology options and the benefits accrued from blockchain.  The course uses the benefits to identify business use case candidates and to help recognize where blockchain is not required.  The course considers how blockchain can be used in current contexts and how it may disrupt existing business paradigms. The course helps students understand the difference and benefits of centralized versus decentralized systems. It will include several hands-on exercises on components of blockchain technology as it provides immutability, transparency and trust.


ITM 825 is a fourth year elective course for the BTM program and takes a deep dive into Information Security from an enterprise perspective including the technology, operational procedures, and management practices needed for successful cybersecurity. It covers the standards and best practices mandated in cybersecurity implementation as well as in-depth topics on implementation and integration of cybersecurity in a unified enterprise framework including application, system and network management, governance, threat and incident management, and business continuity.

CZIT 427 is a course offered by the Chang School of Continuing Studies and will give students an understanding of the concepts, terminology, and issues related to data and information management in the context of access and privacy. Students will be introduced to theories, standards, and techniques underlying information management programs and practices that will enable them to communicate with practitioners from a variety of information management-related disciplines.

Courses Taught

Graduate Directed Reading Courses

  • SM8701 - Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Finance - Fall 2020
  • MT8901 - Quantum Computing Threat to Information and Communication Technologies – Winter 2019
  • SM8701 - User Acceptability of cryptocurrencies using Twitter data - Fall 2019
  • SM8701 - Intellectual Property and Blockchain Technology Innovations – Fall 2018

Undergraduate Courses

  • ITM 706 - Enterprise Architecture
  • ITM 825 - Enterprise Information Security (Formerly ITM 805 - Special Topics in IT Infrastructure)
  • ITM 820 - Information Systems Security and Privacy