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The Future of Storytelling is Here.

Home to storytellers, creators, artists & innovators.

The Transmedia Zone is a community focused incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in storytelling across entertainment media platforms. We support exceptional projects that push the boundaries of what exists.

We have 4 membership options: team, associate, apprentice, and fellow.

Our mantra is collaboration, with our resident teams sharing experience and expertise as they take their big ideas from concept to prototype and beyond. You're home.

Who You Are

Storytellers, creators, artists and innovators with a strong, unique and authentic point of view, and a clear mission and desire to see your project from concept to completion. You are beyond the "napkin" stage: you have a clear idea and a prototype that helps us see your vision (a creative treatment; scripts; storyboards; a video; demo etc.) You must be currently engaged in, and actively pursuing your field. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to make your mark on the world.

Innovation in our context means:

  • Using new platforms because they are an integral part of the story you want to tell
  • Remixing or reimagining traditional storytelling formats
  • Creating new platforms to support stories and storytellers
  • Sharing a distinctive point-of-view
  • Reaching new audiences

Our Memberships

Startup Projects at TZ

For Teams

The Transmedia Zone is currently not accepting applications.

Stay tuned to our website and social media for the next cohort!

Teams at the TZ

For Students

The Transmedia Zone is currently not taking applications for the student membership options. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates!

Here are our student membership options:

Associates are students who get matched with part-time paid internship positions with start-ups at the Studio.

Whether it’s internships or community hours, Apprentices gain hands-on experience and guidance to develop their skills and build their portfolio.

Fellows are students volunteering with our media, design fabrication or music teams for a maximum of 4 hours/month.