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White Privilege Conference Global - Toronto

Are Canadians Too Polite? Addressing Global Perspectives on White Privilege and Oppression in Canada and Beyond.

Though Canada is praised around the world for its multiculturalism, there are still hurdles that exist nationwide. Proudly diverse and intentionally inclusive, Ryerson University’s Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion will be hosting The White Privilege Conference Global - Toronto (WPC Global - Toronto) from May 9-12, 2018 to explore Canadians’ challenges with privilege and oppression.

An annual symposium in the United States, this is the first time the conference will take place in Toronto. The event will be a great opportunity to engage openly in honest, critical, solutions-based discussions that address obstacles as they relate to issues that focus on and go beyond race.

Conference Goals

“White Privilege” refers to a socio-political system that distributes power, privilege and benefits unequally among groups in societies and countries in our world. It is rooted in the history of European colonial domination and settlement of the Americas, Asia and Africa, on one hand, and the 19th century practice of “race science” justifying this domination, on the other. These two phenomena have resulted in a set of political, social and cultural beliefs, assumptions and practices based on the primacy of one group over  others.

Privilege is often times difficult to see for those people who were born with access to power and the resources that go with that power. WPC Global - Toronto aims to enhance individual understanding of white privilege, as well as to address the dominant narratives that operate throughout our institutions and across society.

Through workshops and panel discussions, we will engage in transformative conversations about privilege and its impacts with an aim of building a more inclusive world. As is the Ryerson way, WPC Global - Toronto invites diverse and respectful perspectives, and encourages community-wide participation.

external,Join us May 9-12, 2018 to be part of this vital conversation.