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Workshops - Day 3

Note: ENG = George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, LG = Lower Ground, 01 = Room number one

May 12, 2018 - Conference Day 3

Time Presenter(s) Workshop Name Location (Room)
10:45 am - 12:15 pm Jane Fernandes Exploring Intersections of privilege: White & Hearing ENG-101
Arun Mukherjee, Alia Somani & Anindo Hazra Teaching Against the Grain of White Privilege: Lessons from the Trenches ENG-102
Sarah Jama Ableism & White Supremacy: Exploring Modern Eugenics
Jasjit Sangha, Kosha Bramesfeld Experiential & Immersive Learning: Powerful Tools for Building Critical Awareness of Equity Issues ENG-106
Khadijeh Rakie At the Intersections of Race/Gender/Faith: The Challenges of Challenging Islamophobia ENG LG-02
Sarah Hennessy, Michelle Jones Making the Land Acknowledgement Meaningful ENG LG-04
Jhonel Morvan Combating Systemic Racism in School Mathematics ENG LG-05
OmiSoore Dryden #GayBloodSoWhite #EndTheBloodBan ENG LG-06
Percy Lezard

"Why Do You Get to Call Yourself Crazy & I Can't?" White Madness as Disability Identity & the De-legitimatizing of 2QTPOC Sanism

Janet Rodriguez What Makes Us Sick & What Keeps Us Sick ENG LG-13
Shannon Giannitsopoulou Adding Intersectionality to Equity Initiatives in Sports & Recreation at Canadian Universities ENG LG-21
Walter Borden White Privilege: Hiding Before Your Very Eyes ENG LG-24
1:15 pm- 2:45 pm Suman Goyal Aesthetics: Are You the Flavour of the Month? Who Decides? ENG-101
Haran Vijayanathan, Shakir Rahim The Missing & Murdered Men of Toronto’s “Gay Village”: Was This Unavoidable? ENG-102
Aseefa Sarang, Howard Morton To Serve & Protect Whom: Intersectionality of Race & Mental Health in the Police Shooting of Andrew Loku & its Aftermath ENG-105
Alan Dean Faigal With All Due Respect: Lessons Learned from the Zones of Discomfort ENG-106
Tanya Hayles Race Baiting, Reverse Racism & Motherhood: How the Creation of an Online Mom's Group Became A Target ENG LG-02
Michelle Smith Unsupported, Uninformed & Misunderstood ENG LG-04
Debby Irving I'm A Good Person! Isn't That Enough?
Beverly-Jean Daniel The Role of White Women as Gatekeepers in the Academy ENG LG-06
Art Blake, Biko Beauttah, Olivia Nuamah, Karlene Williams-Clarke Black Canadians Re-Drawing the Rainbow ENG LG-12
Yusef Salaam, Jasiri X America's Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media & Mass Incarceration ENG LG-13

*Workshops are subject to change