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Fall 2020 Entrance Scholarship FAQs

The 2019-2020 FAQs posted here are for reference and will be updated for the 2021 admissions cycle this fall.

  • Yes. Entrance scholarship renewals are flexible, and correspond with your CGPA. Just as scholarships may increase with your CGPA, there is the potential for them to decrease as well. 
  • Please review this chart of CGPA ranges and corresponding renewal amounts:
Annual Value* CGPA Required for Renewal
$4,000 4.15 or higher
$2,000 4.01 to 4.14
$1,000 3.85 to 4.00
$500 3.67 to 3.84

*Scholarship amount to be distributed evenly between fall and winter semester.

  • A CGPA is your cumulative grade point average
  • Entrance scholarship renewals assess your CGPA from the end of the most recent winter semester. Your CGPA is the average of all your course grades to date, not individual year, or semester GPAs.
  • You can see your CGPA at the end of each semester by going to your student centre in RAMSS and selecting "Grades." Then select the appropriate winter term, and at the top, you will be able to see your cumulative total at the end of that semester.
Student Center in RAMSS with Grades/Standing link highlighted in Academics section.
Select a Value page in RAMSS showing available terms to select.
View Grades page in RAMSS showing Cumulative GPA for selected term.
  • Yes. Renewals are reviewed independently each year for up to three calendar years after you receive the initial scholarship. If you do not receive it one year, but maintain or increase your CGPA the next, in addition to upholding all other renewal criteria, there is the potential to have it reinstated at the beginning of the next academic year (i.e. September). 
  • Please note that the loss of a scholarship one year, does not extend the eligibility time frame.
  • Yes. When we review student accounts for renewal prior to the start of the fall semester, we review your account for all eligibility conditions at that time, namely:
    • Appropriate course load for the upcoming academic year (four or more billing units in both fall and winter semesters)
    • Minimum CGPA of 3.67 as of the prior winter semester
    • Clear academic standing
  • If, in early September, you have not received your renewal on RAMSS as you would expect, please check that you meet the following criteria:
    • That you are enrolled in an appropriate course load of 80% or higher (four or more billing units) in both fall and winter.
      If you are registered with Academic Accommodation Support and have an approved reduced course load, please see question 7, or section 8.4 of the Entrance Scholarship Terms and Conditions for details on how to receive your renewal.
    • Minimum CGPA of 3.67 from your previous winter semester
    • Clear academic standing
  • If you meet all three conditions, and do not have your scholarship renewal, please email prior to October 1st for the fall semester and by February 1st for the winter semester.
  • We review all scholarship renewals prior to the start of the fall semester of each academic year and the total value for the year is dispersed evenly between the fall and winter semesters. If you are participating in a work term during the fall semester, you will receive your renewal when you return to full time studies in the next fall term. Your most recent winter CGPA will be used in the calculation of the renewal amount.
  • Participating in a co-op program that extends your studies to five years does not extend your scholarship eligibility by an extra year.
  • Most co-op programs only have one fall work term scheduled in their calendars. If you are in a program with two fall semester co-op terms, you will receive scholarship renewal in one of the two​ winter semesters, as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements. To ensure your scholarship renewal is processed, you must send an email to before February 1st to receive consideration for your renewal.
  •  Yes. If you are registered with Ryerson’s Academic Accommodation Support, and are required to take a reduced course load (less than 80%, or less than four billing units per term) as part of your academic accommodation plan, you can receive a prorated scholarship value, with an extended eligibility time frame. The CGPA and academic standing requirements will still need to be achieved. 
  • You will need to self-disclose your academic accommodation in confidence to by October 1st for the fall semester and by February 1st for the winter semester (you will need to email us in both semesters as a result of the volume of student accounts we oversee for renewal).
  • Unfortunately, the CGPA requirement for scholarship renewals is a firm condition. That being said, if you are able to increase your CGPA above the minimum requirement during the next academic year, your account will be reviewed for renewal the next fall.
  • If you are the recipient of a President’s Entrance Scholarship, and your CGPA falls within 0.25 points of 3.67, you may be granted a probationary scholarship renewal period where you will conditionally receive half your scholarship in the fall semester, with the expectation that you will increase your CGPA above a 3.67 to receive the rest in winter.
  • Per PDF fileSenate Policy 46, your GPA is rounded up to the next higher second decimal place. For example, a 3.8477 would round to a 3.85.
  •  As of the 2020/2021 academic year, we will be distributing scholarship amounts evenly between the fall and winter semesters. We will no longer be distributing the full amount of funds in the fall semester.
  • As long as you maintain your course load and academic standing for both fall and winter,  you will receive the second half of your renewal shortly after the mid-year winter break.

You can find it right here!

Annual Value* CGPA Required for Renewal
$4,000 4.15 or higher
$2,000 4.01 to 4.14
$1,000 3.85 to 4.00
$500 3.67 to 3.84

*Scholarship amount to be distributed evenly between fall and winter semester.

  • Please review the Entrance Scholarship Terms and Conditions, specifically sections 2, 3, and 4, for information on Entrance Scholarship eligibility criteria and values.
  • If you have further questions about your eligibility, please contact admissions at They assess scholarships for incoming students and are able to assist with inquiries pertaining to entrance scholarships for prospective students, incoming students, and first year students. The Student Awards and Scholarships Office (SASO) reviews student accounts for renewal.
  • General entrance scholarships are granted at the time you are admitted to Ryerson, they are not scholarships that you can apply to yearly. You need to have been granted an entrance scholarship upon your admission to Ryerson in order to be eligible for renewal consideration.
  •  No. We review your CGPA from the end of the most recent winter semester. Fall, winter, and past spring/summer semester courses are used to calculate your CGPA that we review for renewal. 
  • Your most recent spring and summer semester courses are not included in CGPA calculations in the fall, they will be factored into your CGPA calculation next fall, if you are returning.
  •  No. The CRD/CRV/NCR grade designations for winter 2020 will not affect your winter 2020 course load, and you will still receive a CGPA at the end of winter 2020. This is the CGPA we will use to assess your account for renewal. Please ensure that you maintain four or more billing units in both fall 2020 and winter 2021 in order to be considered for renewal in the upcoming 2020/2021 academic year.
  • Please feel free to review the actual terms and conditions, specifically sections 7 and 8. These sections detail the requirements for maintaining the scholarship each year, and the other eligibility conditions required for renewal in addition to CGPA.  
  • Students who withdraw, discontinue their program, reduce their course load, experience a decline in grades below the minimum CGPA requirement, or no longer meet other scholarship/award requirements, may forfeit all or part of their award. If your scholarship is cancelled, it may result in a charge against your university fee account (RAMSS).
  • Yes. Your account will still be assessed for renewal even if your program changes, however, it is important to note that scholarships are renewable for three calendar years from the term of admission only (as stated in section 8.5 of the terms and conditions). Changing programs does not restart or extend this time frame.