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Meet a Canadian Ryerson Student

Meet Ryerson’s Student Ambassador Team

Choose a date and time to connect with a current student for a personalized 30-minute one-on-one meeting to learn about Ryerson and virtually tour campus. Talk about classroom or lab spaces, the best study spots, program style, and anything related to student experience!

Important note: Student Ambassadors are not admissions experts and cannot answer questions regarding application statuses or the admissions process. All students are in their undergraduate studies and cannot answer graduate program questions.

Headshot of Ambassador Amana

Student Ambassador Amana

I’m in my third year of Food and Nutrition, in the Faculty of Community Services. Being in the heart of Toronto means I get to immerse myself in a lot of different cuisines. Toronto made me a big foodie, and so has my program! As part of my classes I work with Dieticians in a professional setting and work in food labs where I get to cook. My favourite memory is from the Pakistani Student Association event. It was a Qwali night, which gave us a chance to meet with the people from the same culture and connect.

Headshot of Ambassador Andrew

Student Ambassador Andrew

I’m in my second year of Creative Industries, in FCAD. Everyday I’m inspired by the city, as being both a creative and an analytical thinker. I love Creative Industries because it is a perfect balance between business and the creative arts. With my program I engage in the city through experiential learning. As part of my classes I’ve been able to participate in field trips around the city, as a newcomer to Toronto, it’s great that I can learn about the city while studying what I love!

Headshot of Ambassador Cesar

Student Ambassador Cesar 

I’m in my third year Architectural Science, in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. I have always been interested in how things come together to create a final piece. Curiosity on the subject led me to realize that architecture can impact our society and that becoming an architect would allow me to impact our community positively. I’ve already been able to attend a multitude of conferences given by industry professionals. I have built my teamwork skills and furthered my leadership skills due to the amount of teamwork required, which led me to be involved in the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA).

Headshot of Ambassador Chloe

Student Ambassador Chloe

I’m in my third year of English Literature, in the Faculty of Arts. As a transfer student, I found myself drawn to Ryerson's location in the diverse and exciting city of Toronto because it’s Canada’s largest hub for book publishing. In my second year, I participated in experiential learning through a practicum course ranging from digital work to creative writing. From what I’ve learned in my courses and my professors pushing me to do my best, I was able to launch a business and leverage Ryerson’s Zone Learning network - a program that offers people to come together to brainstorm, kick start projects, and build startups.

Headshot of Ambassador Erika

Student Ambassador Erika

I’m in my second year of Professional Communication, in the Faculty of Communication and Design. In just my first year I created so many unforgettable memories. I lived on-campus in residence and met amazing people. Together we explored the excitement of campus life in Toronto. My favourite course was required for my program, CMN 211 Language and Power. We analyzed modern vocabulary and how linguistic techniques can significantly impact society. The skills I’ve gained so far have made me more confident in my professional skill set and helped land a job in my industry!

Headshot of Ambassador Iman

Student Ambassador Iman

I’m in my second year of Public Health in the Faculty of Community Services. In my program, I get to see the real life application of what I study, like Epidemiology, Food Hygiene and Professional Practice. One of my favourite courses so far has been Determinants of Health, where we learn about different factors that influence human health such as race, income, social status, gender, and culture. My favourite memory was the first year frosh event, SLC live where different floors had different events going on.

Headshot of Ambassador Jyoti

Student Ambassador Jyoti 

I’m in my second year of Graphic Communications Management (GCM), in the Faculty of Communication and Design. The community and opportunity are extremely unique. My favourite course has been GCM 120/121 - Graphics Communications Processes. This is a lab based class where we explored how to design, print, and finish different media. I moved from rural Alberta so I was not a fan of the big city, but it's slowly growing on me. I initially chose Ryerson because of the athletics program since I am on the Women's Varsity Volleyball team. During my time on campus I’ve gotten involved in multiple clubs. The people at Ryerson truly make the city a second home.

Headshot of Ambassador Keana

Student Ambassador Keana

I'm in my third year of Social Work in the Faculty of Community Services. I'm from Nova Scotia, and Ryerson's downtown location was a huge draw for me! So far, my favourite class has been Disability Issues. In this class, we explored how society creates the conditions which disadvantage disabled folk (through systems like capitalism, individualism, etc.). My social work classes always challenge me to address my own ingrained biases, which is so important. I am always learning and unlearning!

Headshot of Ambassador Linda

Student Ambassador Linda

I’m in my first year of Urban and Regional Planning, in the Faculty of Community Services. As a transfer student, I balanced financial and academic expectations to trust my intuition and make the move. I have always been interested in how cities come together, so studying planning in Toronto was such a unique opportunity to get involved, since Ryerson is hands on and experiential. Aside from my program, I am a creative. I love to make music and sing, there are so many opportunities to perform and connect in the city. I’ve been inspired both academically and personally in the busy streets of Toronto!

Student Ambassador Lora 

I’m in my fourth year Arts and Contemporary Studies in the Faculty of Arts. I enjoy exploring the city, trying new coffee shops and reading. I was unsure what to study at school but was set on Ryerson for its location and experiential learning. I chose my program for its flexibility and am focusing on Equity & Diversity Studies. I’ve used many Ryerson services like Academic Accommodation Support, Aboriginal Student Services, Career Centre and Off-Campus Housing. Being from a small town my experiences make each day incredibly memorable.

Headshot of Ambassador Lucy

Student Ambassador Lucy 

I am in my fourth year of Business Management, in TRSM. I thrive in environments where I can support others in their transition to university. One of my favourite memories was being a part of the Breakthrough Program, which is designed specifically for TRSM students. I learned a lot from my mentors and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I later became a tutor for Accounting, Finance, IT courses. I balance all of this while being a double major student and still fast-tracking my courses to graduate on time!

Headshot of Ambassador Martha

Student Ambassador Martha 

I am in my fourth year of Computer Science. My passion for computers started when I was 11 and discovered HTML and sparkly cursors. I chose Ryerson for its location and hands-on reputation; I learn best when I can put learned concepts into action. A favourite course was Robotics - I learned about programming and got to build my own robot! A favourite memory is walking with friends to Queens Quay, my fav spot near the lake; the atmosphere makes me feel alive and has great food!

Headshot of Ambassador Zoe

Student Ambassador Zoe  

I am in my third year of Biology, minoring in Physics, in the Faculty of Science. Science and Innovation are at the core of what I love to be involved in. I've been involved in research with my professors and helped develop the virtual labs used this semester, utilizing household items for remote lab experiments! This is one way Ryerson professors engage their students. I’m still navigating what path is the best fit for me, and love how open ended the Biology program is.

Headshot of Ambassador Zoha

Student Ambassador Zoha 

I am in my fourth year of Biomedical Science, in the Faculty of Science. I love staying active while balancing work and school. As a huge sports fan, I was able to get involved in intramural volleyball. I’m happy Ryerson provided a space for me through sport to meet others and help relax after a stressful day at school. One of my favourite courses combined my interest for sports and science, in PSY 614 - Psychology of Sport, where I learned how they intersect.