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Please visit our Undergraduate Applicant COVID-19 FAQ page for the latest information on current and next steps in light of all closures affecting admissions.

Meet a Canadian Ryerson Student


Choose a date and time to connect with current students for a personalized campus connection. This opportunity will be tailored to how you would like to connect, and what content you would like to talk about. Our Student Ambassadors will come prepared to provide a brief tour, answer your questions, talk about classroom and lab spaces, the best study spots, and anything related to the student experience.

Go through the prompts in our booking platform and let us know which areas you would like covered along with how you would like to connect: phone, live chat or video call.

Important: Student Ambassadors are not admissions experts and cannot answer questions regarding application statuses or the admissions process. The students listed below are in their undergraduate studies and cannot answer graduate program questions.

Available Alternatives:

Book your meeting!

Attendees can book in 15 minute, 30 minute, or 1 hour increments. 

 Not sure how long to book? 

15 minutes 

Best to answer quick questions you have prepared.

30 minutes

Best if you have quick questions and want to hear more about current experiences of students, or see some areas of campus.

1 hour

Best if you you want to hear about the current student experiences, have a tour of campus, and have questions.

 Not sure what can be covered?

Here are some prompts to help you get started!

  • I’m looking to transfer to Ryerson, how do I know that Ryerson is the best for me?
  • I’ve been accepted to the Hospitality and Tourism program at Ryerson, where is the building where I’ll have my classes?
  • What student supports are available for students?
  • I’ve been considering living in residence, but want to know what it’s like, could you tell me more about the fees?
  • Could I have more information on Indigenous Student Community support on campus?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted your classes and student life?

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Linda

Linda - 2nd Year Ryerson Student, Student Ambassador

I have just completed my first year in the Faculty of Community Services. My journey to Ryerson began last year when I decided to transfer into Ryerson from another university. The ServiceHub was a great resource for any financial and academic guidance during my transition time. I chose Ryerson for its location and emphasis on experiential learning. As an Urban and Regional Planning major, having the city as my lab space is such a great learning opportunity. I've been able to use various parts of Toronto as inspiration for my projects. As a creative, the diversity and culture in Ryerson and the city is also a big plus! Through online learning, services like Academic Support and even Counselling have been a great help!

Student Ambassador Lora

Lora - 5th Year Ryerson Student, Student Ambassador

I am a fifth year student from a small town currently living on Ryerson’s campus. Being from a small town, my experiences make each day incredibly memorable. I enjoy exploring the city, trying new coffee shops and practicing traditional beadwork. I have lived in residence and I’ve used many Ryerson services like Academic Accommodation Support, Aboriginal Student Services, Career Centre and Off-Campus Housing. I’m in my final year of Arts and Contemporary Studies in the Faculty of Arts. I was unsure what to study at school but was set on Ryerson for its location and experiential learning. I chose my program for its flexibility and am focusing on Equity & Diversity Studies.