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Due to COVID-19 the CSRS is postponed. More details to come shortly.

About CSRS

The Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research is excited to welcome you to the inaugural Canadian Stress Research Summit, a two-day multidisciplinary conference that will highlight some of the most recent research being conducted in the field of stress.

The theme of this conference, Stress Across the Lifespan: From Risk to Managementwill engage attendees in the field of stress research across disciplines including basic and clinical researchers. Individuals are encouraged to submit an abstract which addresses this theme, although all submissions are given equal consideration. For information on how to submit an abstract, please read the Submission Information.

The two-day conference will involve symposia, Flash-5 talks, poster presentations, and unique networking opportunities for leaders and students in the field. The Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research will also host pre-conference educational workshops for students and trainees.

The planning committee is thrilled to announce two incredible keynote speakers to help kickoff the first CSRS:  Dr. Sonia Lupien from Université de Montréal and Dr. Matthew Hill from University of Calgary. 

Join us on April 30th and May 1st 2020 at Ryerson University for this incredible opportunity to showcase your research and network with experts in the field of stress. ​

Dr. Alexandra Fiocco
Dr. Alexandra J. Fiocco

Dr. Alexandra J. Fiocco is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and director of the Stress and Healthy Aging Research Lab.

Dr. Fiocco’s research program examines predictors of healthy aging and brain health in late life and further explores evidence-informed lifestyle interventions that may improve brain health and wellbeing.  

To learn more about Dr. Fiocco's research, visit:

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Danielle D'Amico profile photo
Danielle D'Amico

Danielle is a first year Psychological Science PhD student in the Stress and Healthy Aging Research Lab, opens in new window at Ryerson University. Before joining Ryerson, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Ottawa.

Her research interests center around lifestyle behaviours and wellbeing in late life. Specifically, she is investigating how stress is involved in the relationship between diet and cognitive heath in older adulthood. She is also interested in knowledge translation and community outreach.

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Carson Pun
Carson Pun

Carson is the Research Operations Administrator for the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. He coordinates research activity in the Psychology Research Training Centre and Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research.

Carson also provides technical and research support for the department and conducts training workshops of various equipment and programming languages for faculty and students.

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Brittany Jamieson
Brittany Jamieson

Brittany is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at Ryerson University. She obtained a Masters’ of Psychology at Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Guelph.

At Ryerson, she is a graduate member of the Biopsychosocial Development Lab, opens in new window where she investigates how early experiences influence developmental trajectories, both typical and atypical. Brittany’s research focuses on the complex interactions between environment and biology that underlie developmental outcomes.


Shruti Vyas
Shruti Vyas

Shruti is a second year MA Psychological Science student in the Brain and Early Experiences Lab, opens in new window at Ryerson University. Her current research involves studying emotions and perception through multiple sensory modalities.

Shruti's research involves using video-based eye tracking and other neurophysiological methods such as electrodermal activity, electromyography, and electroencephalography, to study emotions in infants and older adults. 

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