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Academic Computing Labs

With most classes taking place virtually due to COVID-19, CCS Labs are closed until further notice and temporarily accessible only by remote access. Learn how to establish remote connections to computing labs.

  • Five general-purpose teaching and drop-in computer labs (KHW71A, KHW71C, KHW377, KHW379 and LIB393).
  • Three general-purpose drop-in only labs (KHW71, KHW71F and LIB386L).
  • Other general purpose drop-in systems are dispersed throughout the library (near the elevators) on floors five to nine.
  • One specialized lab (KHW71B).  Access to the B lab is restricted to students taking courses that are booked into the lab or by request from an instructor for a student who needs access to the lab.

Note: KHW71G computer lab is under contract to the Faculty of Community Services. This lab (KHW71G) may only be booked for courses from the Faculty of Community Services.  Only students and faculty of Schools in the Faculty of Community Services may use this lab; other students will find their accounts are not valid on the workstations in KHW71G.

For all Academic Computer Lab locations refer to PDF filecampus lab map, opens in new window.

Rooms with teaching access are available as drop-in labs approximately 50% of the time. Weekly room schedules are posted on the lab doors every Monday morning and online at Lab Schedules. Access to KHW71B is restricted to students who are enrolled in the courses booked into those labs.  You also need a valid account on the lab system before you can use the workstations in these labs.

Faculty wishing to book a teaching lab please use our Online Lab Request form, opens in new window. Students may not book computer labs.

Note: When a room is booked for a class it is not available for drop-in use.

CCS operates five general-purpose facilities containing personal computers, running Windows 10. These labs access central services and applications running on Ryerson's servers. For a complete list of all software available in these labs please refer to Software Available in ACS Labs.

All users have to login to use the workstations and must log out before leaving. On startup, Windows 10 machines will prompt you to log in before you can use them. After you log in, the Windows 10 system displays a task bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Before leaving a workstation in any of the Academic Computing Labs, students must delete their documents saved to one of the workstation hard drives and then log off. This preserves privacy. Work can be saved to a memory key or burned onto a CD.  

You must log out of the Windows 10 system after finishing your workstation session. This prevents others from accessing your lab account.

Advisors are available to assist users in KHW71 and will typically provide:

  • help starting and quitting applications;
  • assistance obtaining printed output from applications;
  • help with problems opening and saving data files;
  • troubleshooting of workstation hardware and operating system problems;
  • pointers to available documentation including: manuals, on-line help where available, and other printed help materials.

Advisors will not do academic work and are not expected to provide "how-to" assistance with all applications. On occasion, if an advisor knows an application and has time, that advisor may provide some application support. Please do not expect that your application "how-to" questions will regularly be answered. Advisors will not answer questions regarding assignments or projects. Please refer these to your professor, teaching assistant, or department.

Phones are provided in the remote labs to call KHW71 for assistance at extension 556840. 

You can bring food and drink in the KHW71, KHW71F, KHW71A, KHW71B, KHW71C, KHW377, KHW379 labs, but with certain restrictions. Cold, 'finger' food and bagged lunches can be eaten in them, but please consume hot food that emits odours elsewhere. Respect others by disposing of waste and recycling in the appropriate bins. Users may be asked to leave if they do not adhere to these policies.

Note: KHW71B lab is currently available through VApps.

Only authorized users, who are taking courses booked in KHW71B or by  request from an instructor  can access the lab. The request can be sent to

Please refer to Software Available in ACS Labs for a complete list of all software available in KHW71B.

There are 32 workstations which are Intel(R) Xeon(R) systems, with 2.67 GHz processors, 16 GB of RAM and 23" dual monitors. This lab is dedicated to higher-end computing tasks. It also offers a high-resolution projection system.

Available software

The remote connections process will require you to select a specific computer in a specific lab. To confirm which lab offers the software you need, please refer to the software available in labs page.

Establishing remote connections


Before accessing Ryerson’s computing labs remotely, you’ll need to first install the Student VPN. Once the Student VPN have been installed, please:

  1. Run and log in to the Student VPN.
  2. From your web browser, please visit the Ryerson remote computer access page, external link to view available labs.
  3. Select an available lab computer by clicking the Connect button.
  4. On the connection screen will open, allowing you to click a Download button for the connection file.
  5. Once downloaded to your computer, please open the file.
  6. A remote desktop connection screen will appear. Please click Connect.

    Note, if you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, external link from the Mac App Store at this point.
  7. When prompted for your username, please enter RUAD\ followed by your my.ryerson username. For example, you would enter RUAD\ and your password. Click OK.
  8. You will be logged into the lab computer. Please allow up to 30 seconds for the connection to establish.

Reminder: While working on a lab computer, always save your work to Google Drive or another cloud storage service as files saved to a lab computer will only remain available for 24 hours from the time you log off.