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CUR Presentations and Panel Discussions:

What We're Reading

PDF file"ULI Emerging Trends in Real Estate, 2022."
By: Urban Land Institute | November 2021

PDF file"BILD Municipal Benchmarking Study."
By: Altus Group Economic Consulting for BILD | September 2020

"Housing Market Outlook: Special Edition, Spring 2020.", external link
By: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation | May 2020

"Pandemic Reshapes Economic Picture for Canadian Cities."
By: The Conference Board of Canada | May 2020

"Corona Escape: City to Suburbs.", external link
By: The New York Times | May 2020

PDF file"Big city rental blues: A look at Canada's rental housing deficit."
By: RBC | September 2019

PDF file"Examining the Feasibility and Option for an Inclusionary Zoning Policy in Toronto.", external link
By: Focus Consulting for Maytree | July 2019

"Safe as Houses.", external link
By: The Economist | June 2019

PDF file"Evaluation of Potential Impacts of an Inclusionary Zoning Policy in the City of Toronto.", external link
By: N. Barry Lyon Consultants for the City of Toronto | May 2019

"Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities., external link"
By: Alain Bertaud | December 2018

PDF file"Planning the Next GGH.", external link
By: Pamela Blais | December 2018

PDF file"The Future of Housing in the GTHA: The Impact of Land Use Policy., external link"
By: Matthew Cory | November 2018

PDF file"What is the Missing Middle? A Toronto Housing Challenge Demystified., external link"
By: Michelle German | August 2018

PDF file"The GTHA's Unbalanced Housing Stock: Benchmarking Ontario's New LPAT System.", external link
By: Paul Smetanin | December 2018

Through the Roof: The High Cost of Barriers to Building New Housing in Canadian Municipalities, external link
By: Benjamin Dachis and Vincent Thivierge, CD Howe Institute, May 2018

PDF fileRoom to Grow: Comparing Urban Density in Canada and Abroad, external link
By: Josef Filipowicz, Fraser Institute, January 2018

PDF fileScaling Up Affordable Ownership Housing in the GTA, external link
Canadian Urban Institute | June 2017

Additional Resources

The following is a list of academic and professional research centres, institutes and professional organizations producing interest work in urban research.

Canadian Universities


American Universities


Other Research Centres & Think Tanks