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Knowledge Bank

CRNCC’s InFocus Backgrounders, Fact Sheets and Profiles undergo community review. Community review recognizes the many different kinds of expertise, and the many different places where expertise emerges. Community reviewers are either CRNCC members, or people in the community who through our member networks are identified as experts in their particular fields of knowledge, practice or inquiry in the home and community care sector. Expertise emerges from people’s experiences and capacities as front line workers, academic and community researchers, policy analysts, agency directors, or program managers.

Community review occurs at different stages through:

  • Identifying areas requiring knowledge translation;
  • Identifying key issues and why they matter;
  • Reviewing and providing critical comments on materials prior to electronic publication;
  • Providing ongoing feedback

Event Presentations

Review and download CRNCC symposia presentations.

In Focus Backgrounders 

Review and download CRNCC’s community reviewed InFocus Backgrounders, Profiles andFact Sheets that can help build collaborative community capacity.

Research and Reports
Research and Reports

Research and Reports

Review and download CRNCC’s community reviewed Reports which address timely policy and practice issues.