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Opinio is a web-based survey tool available for research conducted by Ryerson faculty, staff and graduate students. Features question types including multiple choice, rating, drop-down lists, numeric, matrix, essay and open-ended. All collected data is stored locally at Ryerson University.

  • Design, publish, and manage surveys
  • Survey delivery by open-access or by invitation to a specified list
  • Range of reporting facilities and analytics
  • Multiple question types

 Can't access the Opinio Request form? You may be logged into your personal Gmail account. To access the form either logout of your person Gmail account or use a different browser you typically don't use for Gmail. You will be prompted to login using your my.ryerson login.

Getting Started

If you are Ryerson faculty, staff or a graduate student and would like to get started with Opinio:

  1. google formRequest Opinio Access, external link by completing the Google form.
  2. Read the Quick Start Guide
  3. Login to Opinio via
  4. Consult the Ryerson Ethics Board for survey approval to ensure it does not violate the terms in FIPPA


Opinio is currently not accessible to people who use assistive technologies like screen readers, and people who rely on a keyboard to navigate. We recommend using Google Forms as an alternative whenever possible.


Support 

For Opinio support, please contact us.