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The Science Discovery Zone (SDZ) follows and teaches evidence-based innovation by providing experiential-learning opportunities to it's members and providing business incubation opportunities to it's entrepreneurs. 

Whether you are a student looking to make a difference, a business looking for innovative solutions, or interested in a synergistic relationship, the SDZ is here connecting science to what you value most!


Are you interested in developing transferrable skills while working through industry-relevant challenges?

Check out our new course, SCI 888: Evidence-Based Innovation! To enroll simply submit the application form below.

Looking for more information? Check out the web page or email the Course Director, Dr. Camila Londoño at!

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We connect students to discovery by supporting extracurricular experiential-learning opportunities and providing mentorship to overcome project challenges. This mode of problem-based learning better engages critical thinking and provides students with a collaborative and meaningful learning experience. In addition, our zone embraces failure and seeks to mitigate risk aversion to help facilitate innovation.

In short, we're your safe place to fail.

Our membership has grown from 90 members in the first cohort to 182 in the fourth.




The SDZ supports multi-disciplinary projects that take advantage of the expertise and resources available through various zones and departments at Ryerson. We help startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, funding, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers. For us, this means creating an environment where you can focus on scaling your business. We help with the rest.




Students working at table
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Based on our customer interviews altruistic mentors want to provide more mentorship to young people but they lack the idealized support structure (time, financial support for activities, space, etc.) to do so.  Our zone grooms students with diverse skill sets ranging from medical to material to computer sciences. Through our programming and experiential project-based learning approach, students emerge from our zone with an advanced skill set amenable for entrepreneurship, consulting or research. Working with this highly trained group of creative problem-solvers gives mentors access to the brightest minds and we provide them with the resources they need to mentor more effectively and address truly interdisciplinary challenges.

Our pool of mentors has grown significantly from 63 in the first quarter to 112 in the fourth.






Public-private partnerships are essential in the modern innovation ecosystem.  Through these partnerships, company-specific problems are unearthed and become student challenges that would otherwise be unaddressed in a risk-averse industrial world. Business and industry want to engage with colleges and universities in a sincere, synergistic and meaningful way. We recognize that value propositions to businesses and industries includes creative strategies and solutions with minimal financial risk, access to innovative graduates who understand specific challenges and to shift the educational paradigm to better reflect the needs of the emerging workforce.



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