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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all of our programming has been moved online so that we can continue to support your goals and success. Below, you'll find a list of all upcoming SDZ events! 



October 13th, 2020 • 12 - 1:30 PM


An open space for founders to share insights and support each other. This event is now virtually open to all founders in the Zone Learning community!

This session is in partnership with the DMZ


What to Expect:

Special Guest at this FHF: Logan Katz LLP, external link - Chartered Professional Accountants

Many founders begin their journey wearing multiple hats. There is however only so much that can be done without expert help, and startup accounting is one of those things.

This installment of the SDZ's Founders Helping Founders is partnered with the DMZ and Logan Katz LLP, external link to bring you expert advice on the introduction to startup accounting and bookkeeping. This session will feature a presentation on helpful terms and tools followed by an open Q&A session.

Interested in attending? Reach out to your Zone Coordinator for registration details.

About Founders Helping Founders

The experience of a startup founder is quite challenging and unique. While starting a business is exciting, it can oftentimes feel overwhelming and lonely. With that in mind, the SDZ has created a peer-to-peer support table-talk called, Founders helping founders. These bi-weekly one hour gatherings will bring founders together to share their own experiences, find comfort in listening to the journeys of others, as well as to offer and receive advice and feedback. 


We're looking forward to seeing you!


The Curiosity Series highlights relevant topics in the community, and intends to inspire people to collaborate and innovate on some of the highlighted challenges or themes.


About the Event

Given all of the change sparked by living through a pandemic it seems appropriate to not only highlight how we've been challenged, but to speak about the opportunities we have to change things for the better.

In this sub-series of, "COVID-19 As A Disruptor", we will discuss topics ranging from education to travel, addressing what moving forward could look like, for all of us.

What to Expect

The topic for this particular panel is identifying how we're able to reimagine what sports entertainment, events, and social gatherings could look like as we continue through and move on from this pandemic.

See below for the panelists:

  • Dawsyn Borland - Vice President of AR Innovation and Content at NexTech AR Solutions Corporation
  • Dr. Cheri Bradish - Director of the Future of Sport Lab and Sport Initiatives at TRSM, Ryerson University
  • Lindsay Ringuette - Manager of Events at Mitacs

Interested in exploring more ways to solve some of the challenges in this industry? Following this panel we're hosting our Think Tank Tuesday session (from. 3-4 pm), where we problem solve using part of the design thinking method. Click the link here, external link for info and to register to the Think Tank. 


Register below!

About Our Programs & Events

Skills-building Workshops

Tailored to develop 21st century skills, these workshops provide an easy avenue to try something new.

Arduino, 3D printing, laser cutting, improv, & more.


Our socials create connections that last far beyond us, and has created one of our most valuable assets: our tight-knit community.

Ice cream socials and mixers.


These workshops help get your startup from the lightbulb moment to being ready for a pitch competition.

How-to series, pitch for your meal, and topical tutorials.


Learning is done best outside of the classroom–there, we said it. The SDZ facilitates three courses at Ryerson:

Innovation Prize
Innovation Prize

Our Steve Naraine Early Innovation Prize, opens in new window provides $2000 and SDZ support to a selected winner for their project's development.

The winner of the May 2020 prize was, Vahid Safar, a fifth year Biology student at Ryerson! Stay tuned for a highlight on his story!

Student Skills-training Program
Student Skills-training Program

Similar to an internship, this program pairs students with SDZ startups. Through this 4 month collaboration, students can build industry-relevant skills and startups can gain operational support and fresh perspectives.