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Student Diversity Self ID

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

With self-identification, what’s important is how you choose to identify. It will still be voluntary to self-identify - there is a "prefer not to answer" option for each question.  You may also view, update or change your responses at any time.

Five Reasons to Complete the Student Diversity Self-ID

  1. It’s easy - it takes about two minutes to complete.
  2. It’s confidential - only a few people will have access to your information for reporting purposes. Some student service centres may also have access to the information with your permission.
  3. It will help us see who’s here and who isn’t, at the University and in specific faculties and programs.
  4. It will help improve access to the University and the educational experience of all students.
  5. Only aggregate data will be reported - your responses will be combined with other students’ information for reports.