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Graduating students share their advice and biggest FEAS takeaways

Engineering and architectural sciences students highlight importance of involvement inside and outside the classroom
June 29, 2021

The FEAS graduates of 2021 have accomplished major feats, including graduating amid a pandemic. Graduates describe the sense of community they found within the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), sharing how they gained valuable experiences throughout their undergraduate degree. Engineering and architectural science students share their most significant takeaways and lessons, including how FEAS prepared them for their career, the value of co-operative internships, and their future plans.

Nicholas Tran

Nicolas Tran, Civil Engineering (B.Eng ‘21) 

Civil engineering alum Nicolas Tran’s advice to undergraduate students is to get  involved in experiential learning. Nicolas completed his civil engineering degree from 2016 to 2021 with a 15 month co-operative internship at Ontario Power Generation, saying that experiential learning opportunities offered by FEAS allowed him to build soft and hard skills, meet new people, and have the opportunity to explore his interests. 

“It’s difficult to know where you want to end up when you first start university, and extracurriculars provided me with the opportunity to try out different roles and hone in on my interests,” says Nicolas.

Throughout his five years at Ryerson, Nicolas had the opportunity to lead in design teams like Concrete Toboggan where his team took home 1st place overall over 23 other North American universities in 2019.

Now that he’s graduated, Nicolas is currently working towards his P.Eng license and continuing to put his best foot forward on every project, no matter the size. In the future, he plans to leverage innovative technologies in the engineering and construction practice to work more efficiently and safely.


Sai Poosarla

Sai Poosarla, Aerospace Engineering, (B.Eng ‘21)

Aerospace engineering alum Sai Poosarlagained valuable experience throughout his time at Ryerson, including his co-operative internship with Bombardier.  

His advice to students is to focus on networking through friends and extracurricular activities, and to get involved in student teams. Sai says the people you make connections with now might help you along your career path in the future. 

“Remember that student teams also help with hands-on experience: Grades are important but you can also stand out with your project and teamwork experience,” says Sai. “The resources and workshops that FEAS provided helped me focus on managing my work and time, especially with balancing school and student teams.”

Sai’s plans are to continue working on his student team, Helium Aero. He hopes to one day lead a team that realizes large scale commercial drone applications, which he believes is the future.

Rija Khan

Rija Khan, Architectural Science, (B.Arch ‘21)

Architectural Science alum Rija Khan says her main piece of advice is to network and make connections all throughout your years in school. That means being connected to your classmates, your professors, and even industry professionals that you may come across during networking nights, your co-op, and other events where industry professionals would be present. 

“I especially suggest making friends with people in your program--these will be the people that help you get through those long days and nights preparing for a project, and they’ll be your study buddies around exam season.”

Rija’s most significant FEAS experiences came through completing her co-operative internship. 

“I was able to connect with people in the industry and learn on the job how it is to work at an architecture firm as compared to school.”

Rija was able to secure a full-time position as a Design Professional at HOK—the company for which she had previously completed her co-op as a student intern, and she plans on returning to school for her master’s degree in Architectural Science