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Applications to join the Fashion Zone this winter are now open until January 6. Community applications to join are currently closed. Stay tuned on our social media for updates.

At the Fashion Zone, we empower creators who are redefining fashion; entrepreneurs and innovators who seek to create experiences that move people to feel something different, something fresh, something new. Because to us, fashion goes far beyond clothing – it extends into product, technology, design and retail. And while no one can be certain what the next wave of innovation will be, we believe we can enable it.

As Canada's fastest growing incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, we support those who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their own ventures and the industry. From ideation to commercialization, we offer 3 membership options:

  • I aspire to bring something new and unexpected to the fashion industry
  • I am a Canadian company looking to grow my business
  • I am a product / service / technology / social impact
  • I have a business plan
  • I have a sample / prototype of my idea
  • I may have some sales and traction
  • Apply as a company
  • What I lack in business experience I make up for in imagination and vision
  • I am a Ryerson student with an interest in entrepreneurship
  • I have an idea but do not have a full business plan
  • I want to learn the skills to build a fashion business
  • I am looking for internship hours
  • Find out more about the Associate program
  • Apply as an associate

The Indigenous Fashion Support (IFS) Program is a virtual incubation program that supports Indigenous entrepreneurs to experience the journey of building a business in the fashion industry. With a focus on fashion, product and technology, the program enables participants to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills while developing real-life solutions.

Indigenous fashion support program branding

Indigenous Fashion Support (IFS) Program