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Frequently Asked Questions

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Use the search bar in the table below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for first year engineering students.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can always contact the office directly at, reach out to a First Year Ambassador, or drop-in during weekday virtual advising hours, external link, opens in new window from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Question Answer
 Who should I contact regarding my exam grade or overall grade? You should direct your questions to your course coordinator with your full name, student ID, and course section (if applicable). The email must have text with complete sentences, correct spelling, and proper grammar. Overall, it should have a professional tone.
 Can I see my final exam?
Yes. Your course coordinator will set days and times at the beginning of next semester for exam review. An announcement will be made when the dates are available. Do not contact your instructor requesting to review your exam before then. Final exams may be viewed but they are not returned.
 When and where can I see my final grade? Your overall grade for the course will not be posted on D2L. It will be posted on RAMSS. Dates for when official grades will be posted can be found at the Office of the Registrar's website, opens in new window.
 Can I calculate what my final grade is? Yes, you can use the information in FYEO GPA Calculator (located in the FYEng App) and the grades posted in D2L to calculate your final grade.
 Do I need to pass the final exam to pass the course? What do I need to pass the course? For some courses you do not need to pass the final exam in order to pass the course. However, not all courses are like this. You should consult your individual course outlines to see what rules/policies are in place for determination of a passing grade.
 Do courses bell curve the grades? Not usually. However, the instructor might make other adjustments of the marks.
 I saw my final grade on RAMSS and I think an error was made. What should I do?

Contact your course coordinator and explain why you think an error was made. Include relevant calculations that demonstrate how you calculated your grade to make it easier for them to find any discrepancies.

 I'm pretty close to passing, should I contact my instructor and ask them to bump my grade?
The only reason for changing a grade would be a marking issue. First, wait until you see your grade on RAMSS. The instructor may have made some kind of adjustment that resulted in your obtaining a passing grade. Second, instructors have already considered/reviewed the overall grades before sending them to the Registrar and usually will not change their minds once a decision has been made. Grades are based on the merit of the work done in the course. 

What will the fall 2020 look like for my Engineering program given the situation around COVID-19?

This fall, we will be offering all our engineering and elective courses by online remote teaching. This means all of your course lectures, labs, and tutorials will be offered online. Each course component is being designed to be flexible and accommodating, making use of the latest technologies and approaches to instruction. More Information can be found on Ryerson COVID-19 Information and Updates, opens in new window.
 Will I need to come to campus for fall 2020 classes during COVID-19 disruptions? There will be no need for you to come to the Ryerson campus in order to take your courses. As the province announces plans to open up, it may become possible for us to offer extracurricular activities like design teams and clubs on campus. We will keep you informed when this happens. In the meantime, all supports, and services run through the First-Year Engineering Office (FYEO) will run online, including the First-Year Engineering POP (pre-orientation, orientation, and post-orientation) activities. More Information can be found on Ryerson COVID-19 Information and Updates., opens in new window
What technology should I have to be successful in my program? The Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) Dean’s Office is working to ensure that you can access important engineering software remotely. We do recommend that you try to have access to a computer and wireless internet access. For those whose financial circumstances prevent them from having computers or wireless internet connections, we are working on a plan for a loan-out system. More information will be provided to you through the FEAS Dean’s Office, and on Ryerson COVID-19 Information and Updates., opens in new window
How can I prepare over the summer for my fall courses? This summer, the First-Year Engineering Office (FYEO) will be offering several optional programs such as the Ryerson Engineering Boost Program - a series of optional mini courses in math, physics, and programming designed to help you improve and reinforce fundamental topics and concepts you’ll encounter later in your first year engineering subjects. These courses are at no cost to you, and you can choose to register in one or two or all three of them to keep your studies up over the summer. Registration is required.

The Pre-Orientation, Orientation, Post-Orientation (Engineering POP) programs are an opportunity to learn more about the social and academic aspects of university, get involved on campus early, meet upper-year leaders and ambassadors (FYA), gain valuable leadership skills, network and meet other students with similar interests before orientation week. 
How can I access advising support? The FYEO provides drop-in, live, on-the-spot advising through the Virtual Advising Room, external link. Our Student Advising Team is available to answer questions about your first-year courses, liberals, minors, enrollment, deadline dates, or anything else, and can get you connected to other departments across campus for further support. Stop by any time, Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM through Zoom with meeting code: 805-334-1745.

You can always email the FYEO at All email inquiries will be answered within 48 working hours, however, during peak times the response time may be longer. Please include your name and student number when contacting us.
Since classes are all online due to COVID-19 in September, how will I connect with my professors? Your professors and teaching assistants will hold regular virtual office hours and be available through email to assist you with your questions about course material.
I have questions about my Offer of Admission. Who can I contact? As an admitted student, we understand that you may have concerns about your Offer of Admission and how you will meet any conditions stated in your offer letter. Connect with your Engineering Admissions team at
What are CRD/NCR grades? Due to the transition of courses to online and alternate forms of delivery in response to COVID-19, the university has introduced credit (CRD)/No Credit (NCR) grading options for winter 2020 undergraduate courses. For more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar website., opens in new window
Do I need to attend orientation? Academic orientation, which takes place on the Monday of orientation week, is mandatory for all incoming engineering students. You will be welcomed by your program director, hear from a motivational speaker, tour the campus and write the Writing Skills Test. Additional orientation week and frosh week, external link events are optional but encouraged.
To learn more about your first year in engineering, please visit the first year engineering office website.
What is the RSU health and dental plan? For information on fees, coverage and opting out, please visit the Ryerson Students’ Union website., external link, opens in new window
How do I review and pay student fees? To view your student fees, log in to RAMSS and look under the student fees section of the student centre. For information on paying fees, please visit the Office of the Registrar website, opens in new window.
What is RAMSS? RAMSS stands for Ryerson's Administraive Management Self Service. It is utilizes by students to view their academic, finanical and personal information at Ryerson.

learn more about RAMSS, opens in new window
What courses are required in first year? The first semester of engineering is a common semester. Every engineering student is automatically enrolled in CEN 100, CHY 102, MTH 140, MTH 141, PCS 211. In the second semester, students will begin branching off into some disicipline specific courses with a few common courses. A list of these courses appears in the undergraduate calendar., opens in new window
How do I make changes to my class schedule or drop a course? You may change your class schedule or drop a course through the Ryerson Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS). Visit the RAMSS Support page for step-by-step instructions. For more general information about your first-year timetable, please refer to the Undergraduate Student Guide., opens in new window
Can I book an appointment with an academic advisor? We are available to answer your questions when you stop by our office Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or email us at If your question requires you to meet with an academic advisor, you may book a one-on-one appointment. (Please note that you must be logged in to your Ryerson email to access the calendar.) Alternatively, you can book an appointment through the FYEng Mobile app.
*while the office is closed during COVID-19, these services are aviailalbe online.
I require academic accomodations for a disability. What should I do? Academic accommodation support is available to students who can provide documentation of disability, both temporary and permanent. For more information, visit Student Affairs., opens in new window
What are course intentions? Course intentions are mandatory for all returning full-time undergraduate students. Refer to the Office of the Registrar website for details., opens in new window
If you miss course intentions, or you acquire the prerequisites for courses that were not available to you during course intentions, you will have a second opportunity during the fall/winter course intention adjustment period. Refer to the Significant Dates calendar, opens in new window for exact dates.
What are liberal studies courses? Engineering students must take four liberal studies courses to graduate: two lower liberal courses (Table A, opens in new window), one upper liberal course (Table B, opens in new window) and one professional-level liberal course. These can be taken during the fall, winter, spring or summer terms, or through the Chang School of Continuing Education. Some Table A and B courses do not meet the liberal requirements for engineering students. If you are interested in taking a language course to satisfy your liberal requirements, you must complete a placement test before being able to enrol in the course.
For more information, including a list of restrictions, visit the Liberal Studies website., opens in new window
What is the Writing Skills Test? All first-year engineering students are required to complete and pass the Writing Skills Test (CEN 199). For more information, visit Writing Skills Test for Engineering Students.
When is the writing skills test? The WST takes place on the Monday of Orientation Week. This is the same day as the mandatory academic orientation. If you are unable to write it that day, please email to let us know. There will be 3 opportunities to write the test each year; end of August, November and late April/ May. More information about the Writing Skills Test.
What happens if I fail the writing skills test? The test is held 3 time a year; end of August, November and late April/ May. Students may continue to re-write the test until you obtain a passing grade. More information about the Writing Skills Test.
Where can I find my course materials? Professors often post course outlines, materials and announcements in D2L, opens in new window. The code for each course in which you are enrolled will appear under “My Courses.” If you do not see a course code, contact your professor.
What textbooks and equipment will I need to purchase? Students should wait until they have received their course outlines and have attended their first week of classes before purchasing any textbooks or course materials. During that time, professors will specify the required edition/version.
Permitted calculators for engineering students are the Sharp EL-546 and the Casio FX-991 models.
Both course materials and calculators can be purchased through the Ryerson Campus Store., opens in new window
What laptop should I get? When looking for a laptop, it is really up to personal preference. The software programs that engineering students use for their studies can be found inside the computer labs on campus, and are available remotely through Computing and Communication Services Virtual Apps., opens in new window
What should I do if I have an issue related to exams or final grades? Refer to the Undergraduate Student Guide’s policies on examinations, opens in new window and grades., opens in new window
I need to miss an exam, lab or quiz. How do I arrange for accomodations? Please refer to Undergraduate Student Guide and to Senate Policy 166, opens in new window for policies and instructions related to medical, non-medical and religious accommodations. 
How is my academic standing determined and what does it mean for my degree? For information on grades, GPA and academic standing, refer to the Student Guide., opens in new window
What is the Transition Program?

The Transition Program was created to provide students with the opportunity to adapt to the demanding university curriculum while upgrading their academic standings and completing missing and/or failed courses.

This program allows you the option of spreading courses over three semesters - Fall, Winter, and Spring. You will be able to take any Fall semester first-year courses during the Winter semester (with the exception of CEN100). All Winter semester courses (with the exception of ECN801) are offered over 6 weeks in the Spring semester (May - June). Up to 3 courses can be taken in the Spring semester. 

For full details, please visit the Transition Program page.

What is the First Year in Two Years Program?

The First Year in Two Years program allows you to complete your first-year courses over two academic years. You can take anywhere from 1 - 6 courses in the Fall and Winter terms, and 1 - 3 courses in the Spring. The combination of courses can vary, and the course load can be reduced even further when necessary, providing changes are made within the published calendar deadlines.

Please speak to an academic advisor to start this program.

How do I change engineering programs? To change engineering programs, you must fill out a Plan Change Form. After you submit this form, your request will be reviewed and forwarded to enrolment services and student records for processing, if approved.
What is FROSH week? Frosh week is hosted by the Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS)., external link, opens in new window
Can I make changes to my class schedule? Your schedule will be made for you at the beginning of the semester, provided that you completed your course intentions. You can make changes to your schedule during your enrolment period. To make schedule changes, students may do so on RAMSS (Ryerson Administrative Management Self Serivce) or VSB (Visual Schedule builder). Students who were admitted late will need to create their own timetable.

learn more about RAMSS, opens in new window
I have back to back classes on my schedule, will I have time to make it to my next class? Ryerson University allows students and instructors 10 minutes to get to the class. If a class is scheduled for 10:00 AM, the professor will begin at 10:10 AM, unless otherwise specified in class.
Where do I access D2L? Connect through, opens in new window, use your my.ryerson username and password to log in to my.ryerson portal. Once logged in click “Online Courses & Organizations”.
Does it matter what browser I use? Ryerson recommends either Google Chrome or Firefox.
Why am I having difficulty logging in? Verify you are using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. Next, ensure you are using your Ryerson username and password to log in. If you’re still having trouble logging in, contact the CCS Help Desk at, opens in new window.
How do I find my course information? Once you log in to portal, your course will be listed under “The Online Courses & Organizations” tab on the landing page. Click on your course name to enter the course page and access material.
How do I get to the live sessions for my course? Your instructor for each course will let you know. In the D2L course shell; in the navigation pane on the left select the section your instructor has indicated for live sessions. Select the date and time for the appropriate session; click “join session”.
I have been prompted to test my audio and video when I entered the live session, what do I do? Your audio and video settings will be evaluated as you enter the session. Click “ok” if your audio and camera are working in the test. Note: Your browser may ask you to allow it to use the computer’s camera and audio. Please allow it.
Do I have to share my camera/video during live sessions? No, you don’t have to, but you should be prepared to share your camera. Your professor will go over their expectations during the live session.
Do I have to leave my audio/microphone on? It is best to mute your microphone when you are not speaking and to be in a quiet space to reduce any background noise.
Does my appearance matter during live sessions? You should present yourself as you would in a face-to-face classroom on campus.
What should be in the background on camera? During live sessions, a background free from distractions is best.
What should I expect and how do I best communicate in the online environment? Refer to the Online Etiquette guide on proper conduct and online communications. Your professor may set forth expectations around conduct, communications, use of the camera and microphone, use of the chat box, etc.
Are the live sessions recorded? How do I access them? Live sessions are recorded and can be referenced later. To view a recording, return to the D2L course shell section your instructor indicated for uploading the recordings/links, select recordings, select the title or date of the recording you wish to view and click to watch.
How do I submit an assignment? Links to upload documents or enter text for your assignments are generally located under the Assignment tab in the course shell unless otherwise indicated by your professor.
How do I take a quiz or test? Your professor will explain and indicate how to take a test/quiz or exam.
How do I post on the discussion board? Links and access to discussion boards are generally listed in the D2L course shell and/or a Discussion Board section in the navigation pane.