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Certificate in Food Security

In this video, Reg Noble, Academic Coordinator, discusses the importance of food security education and the unique benefits of The Chang School's program.

In collaboration with the Centre for Studies in Food Security and the School of Nutrition, Ryerson University's G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offers a cutting-edge program designed to meet the needs of today's food security professionals. This career-related Certificate in Food Security will give you the relevant knowledge you require to excel in this rapidly expanding field.

Certificate Courses includes:

Required courses: 
external,CFNY 403 Concepts and Principles of Food Security 
external,CFNY 404 Food Policy and Programs for Food Security 
external,CFNY 405 Applied Research Methods and Evaluation

Electives (select three): 
external,CFND 401 Social and Cultural Dimensions of Food 
external,CFNF 100 Families and Health
external,CFNN 111 Introduction to Nutrition
external,CFNY 400 Selected Topics in Food Security
external,CFNY 407 Community Development and Food Security
external,CFNY 408 Urban Food Security
external,CFNY 409 Gender and Food Security
external,CFNY 510 Indigenous Food Systems in Canada
external,CINT 919 Community Development: International Field Experience
external,CSOC 808 Sociology of Food and Eating
external,CVFN 410 Understanding Urban Agriculture
external,CVFN 411 Dimensions of Urban Agriculture
external,CVFN 412 Urban Agriculture Types
external,CVFN 413 Urban Agriculture Policy-Making
external,CVFS 401 Contemporary Family Issues
external,CVFN 410 Understanding Urban Agriculture

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Course Series in Urban Agriculture

The Chang School of Continuing Education will be offering students who do the four courses in the Food Security Program, official documentary recognition by the university of having completed a course series in Urban Agriculture. This offer is open to both new and past students. Therefore, those students who have already taken some of the urban agriculture courses are eligible to complete the course series.

Urban Agriculture Course Series includes:

external,CVFN 410  Understanding Urban Agriculture

external,CVFN 411  Dimensions of Urban Agriculture

external,CVFN 412 Urban Agriculture Types

external,CVFN 413 Urban Agriculture Policy Making

For more information on the Urban Agriculture Course Series visit:

The Chang School of Continuing Education

For questions about the Certificate in Food Security or the Urban Agriculture course series, contact the Academic Coordinator, Reg Noble at