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Marko Pavlovic

Marko Pavlovic
Class of 2004

Marko is a digital technology and strategy professional with more than 10 years of international experience in Telecom, Retail, QSR and Banking industries.

He started his career as a Database Admin, and then joined the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson University where he acquired various business skills but also broadened his IT knowledge.

After taking on the Business Systems Analyst role first at Rogers Cable Inc., he went across the Atlantic ocean where he obtained an MBA degree and earned valuable experience as the product manager for the Austrian Telecom and Telenor. 

"The ITM Program* has enabled me with an excellent foundation for learning and understanding two worlds: Business and IT. I feel very confident in any role or organization because I can speak both IT and Business languages and also lead teams that require such specific skills set. The ITM program was also a great prep for my MBA studies later on because of the similar structure of the business courses."

Marko currently works for RBC as the Director of Products & Systems Innovation; Innovation, Digital, Payments and Cards.


*The Information Technology Management (ITM) program was formally renamed to Business Technology Management in 2010.