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All Studio/Zone applications are currently closed, with the next round opening in December 2021. In the meantime you can get in touch with us on our Contact Us page!

For Startups

  • I aspire to bring something new and unexpected to the creative industries
  • I am a Canadian company looking to grow my business
  • I am a product / service / technology / social impact
  • I have a business plan
  • I have a sample / prototype of my idea
  • I can demonstrate some evidence of unmet need in the market or marketability of my solution
  • I may have some sales and traction
  • I have a leadership team comprised of driven, coachable and collaborative people with some expertise in the area of focus

For Projects

  • I have an innovative creative project with a clear final deliverable or deadline
  • I have a prototype to communicate my vision (3D model, creative treatment, scripts, sketches, media, etc.)
  • I have a desire to see my project from concept to completion
  • I have a strong, unique and authentic point of view
  • I am currently engaged in, and actively pursuing my field
  • I have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • I am interested in how to turn my project into a business model or leverage into a portfolio piece
  • I am coachable and collaborative 

For Students

  • I am a Ryerson student with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation in the creative industries
  • I may have a business idea but not a full business plan
  • I want to grow my creative & business skills
  • I want to enhance my resume or portfolio
  • I may be looking for internship hours
  • I may be seeking resources to help build, prototype or present a Creative School curricular project
  • I am seeking a unique learning opportunity
  • What I lack in experience, I make up for in passion, imagination and vision