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Mohamed Lachemi, President

Message from Mohamed Lachemi

Welcome to Ryerson, where every year brings exciting progress.

The reputation of the university continues to grow, built on the talent of its people, the ingenuity of its unique spaces, and the strength of its dreams.

In all academic disciplines, our undergraduate and graduate students are challenging the status quo with intellectual edge and creative vision, inspired by the Ryerson mission of making an impact on our economy, society and culture.

Ryerson is now identified as the leader in Canada for innovation and entrepreneurial education, and recognized among leaders in the world. Investing traditional programs and research with the perspective, pace and emerging technologies of the 21st century, our direction is focused and bold.

It takes courage to be a pioneer, and hard work to be a champion. You are part of a great university intent on advancing our city, nation and global community in a sit-up-and-take-notice kind of way.

Part of that is the extraordinary Student Learning Centre, opened in 2015 as the new Ryerson gateway on Yonge Street, joining iconic developments like the Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens and the Ryerson Image Centre, plus new projects taking our campus forward.

You are the measure of our goals, and the proof of what we can do. All the very best for a great year.

President Mohamed Lachemi
"We encourage our students to challenge the status quo, to see where their talent, creativity and energy can take them."


"Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion really is the Ryerson way. It is in our DNA."