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Note on numbers below: In most cases, outside callers must dial (416) 979-5000, key in '1' then the extension if dialing from a touch-tone phone, or wait for operator assistance during office hours.

Name Title Extension Email
Michael Benarroch Provost and Vice-President, Academic 5066
Marsha McEachrane Mikhail Interim Executive Director 6995
Phyllis Markle Executive Assistant 5066
Georgina Phillips Administrative Assistant 2875
Stephanie D'Lima Provost Communications Manager 4604
Christopher Visser Special Projects Coordinator 3153
Name Title Extension Email
Marcia Moshé Interim Vice-Provost, Academic 2356
Cynthia Dy Administrative Assistant, Vice-Provost, Academic 2356
John Paul Foxe Director, Academic Integrity Office 3660
Andrea Ridgley Academic Integrity Officer 3253
Suzanne Hicks Administrative Assistant, Academic Integrity Office 7800

(on maternity leave, effective September 1, 2016)

Name Title Extension Email
Heather Lane Vetere Vice-Provost, Students 2735
Celia Chu Administrative Assistant
Name Title Extension Email
Saeed Zolfaghari Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs 4612
Iris Clark Administrative Assistant 6287
Name Title Extension Email
Paul Stenton Deputy Provost and Vice Provost University Planning 6290
Lisa Copeland Administrative Assistant 5033
Name Title Extension Email
Madeleine Lefebvre Chief Librarian 5142
Anna Tassone Assistant to the Chief Librarian 5141
Chief Librarian    
Assistant to the Chief Librarian
Name Title Extension Email
Brian Lesser Chief Information Officer 556835
Name Title Extension Email
Paul Roth Director, Ryerson Gallery & Research Centre 2137
Erin Warner Administrative Assistant 7031
Name Title Extension Email
Charmaine Hack University Registrar 5100
Ava Kan Administrative Coordinator 5100
Name Title Extension Email
John Turle Secretary of Senate 3094
Lucia Stewart Administrative Assistant 5011
Name Title Extension Email
Richard Lachman Director of Zone Learning 3432
Abdullah Snobar Executive Director, DMZ 2857
Name Title Extension Email
Wendy Freeman Director, E-Learning 3299