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Meet the 2019 Governor General Academic Medal Winner, Victoria Emily Barbosa Hipolito

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Faculty of Science News

Research in Theoretical Comp Sci: Passing the Torch to Next-Generation Mathematicians (Feb 6, 2020)

Engineers Without Borders: A Medical Physics Student’s Sub-Saharan Experience (Jan 28, 2020)

POTM: Mathematical Fluid Mechanics: Predicting the Properties of Flow (Jan 2020)

Cherie Ding: Fine-Tuning the Science of Prediction (Jan 23, 2020)

POTM: New Methodology Improves Measurement Accuracy of Phosphorus Levels in Ontario Waters (Dec 2019)

Team of Global Scientists Tests Extinction Filter Hypothesis (Dec 18, 2019)

POTM: Missing Persons Search: Drones to the Rescue (Nov 2019)

Ryerson collaboration yields innovative algorithm for the use of mixed photon energy beams in volumetric modulated arc therapy (Nov 15)

Meet the 2019 Governor General Academic Medal Winner, Victoria Emily Barbosa Hipolito (Oct 25)

POTM: A Novel Method for Better Understanding the Behaviour of Acoustically Excited Bubbles (Oct 2019)

Ryerson Hosts a First: Up Close and Personal with a Nobel Laureate (Oct 18)

POTM: Research Team Uses Bacterial Enzymes to Boost the Expression of Human Polysialyltransferase (Sept 2019)

Ryerson's Faculty of Science and Tree of Knowledge International's Nanotechnology Research Project Expands to Include the Development of Targeted Treatments for Cancer Tumour (Sept 25)

Dwindling DHA availability – New research by biology professor Dr. Michael Arts reveals unseen forces of global warming already in play (Sept 12)

Multi-institution research collaboration sheds light on Mediator, a protein complex involved in transcription and gene expression (Sept 10)

Premature Mortality is Partly Predicted by City Neighbourhood: Where you live in the City of Toronto impacts your health and longevity (Aug 27)

POTM: Predator-prey dynamics: Advancing ecological sustainability through mathematical modelling (August 2019)

Gregory Hodgson, 2019 CAS Future Leader: Exciting First for Ryerson University (July 18)

POTM: Smart Home Apps: Detecting Potential Data Leaks Before Danger Strikes (July 2019)

POTM: Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping – Quest for a CT-free Cancer Treatment Workflow (June 2019)

Professor Roberto Botelho renewed as the Tier 2 CRC in Organelle Function and Adaptation (June 21)

Physics professor Miranda Kirby is the new Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantitative Imaging (June 21)

Ryerson Rams Robotics team places second in the world at prestigious Mars Society University Rover Challenge in Utah (June 2019)

RESTORE-ing Confidence in Data-Driven Decision Making with New QA Tool (June 2019)

POTM: Uncovering the Spread of Superbugs in the Environment – a Snapshot of Ontario Water Sources (May 2019)

POTM: Evolving Game Theory From Selfish to Socially Aware Agents (April 2019)

Ryerson Researchers Noted for Identifying an Emerging Global Conservation Issue (April 8, 2019)


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