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With its enviable location in the heart of downtown Toronto, Science at Ryerson is well-positioned to leverage world-class resources, contacts and scientific institutions. Find out if Ryerson is the right destination for you.

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Faculty of Science News

Now is the time to augment your virtual STEM learning. (September 2020)

POTM: What is the impact of node churn in the Bitcoin network? (August 2020)

Machine learning reveals new findings for lung disease (August 2020)

Ryerson and FOS introduce AR-enhanced science labs (August 2020)

Ryerson Faculty members receive NSERC grants for innovative COVID-19 research (August 2020)

FOS researchers secure CFI funding for new, state-of-the-art infrastructure (August 2020)

Machines rival expert analysis of stored red blood cell quality (August 2020)

New learning tool gets top marks from students (August 2020)

Computer Science PhD candidate contributes to innovations in dementia care (July 2020)

POTM: Using metallic silver nanoparticles to enhance fluorescence in organic dyes (Molecular Science, July 2020)

Could blockchain help to deliver aid during disasters? (July 2020)

Meet the FOS Graduate Scholarship Winners (July 2020)

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with big data (July 2020)

Chemistry professors convert undergraduate conference into online experience after forced COVID-19 cancellation. (July 2020)

Facts or fake news: Revealing patterns in the COVID-19 tweets of Trudeau and Trump (July 2020)

Three medal-winning FOS students graduate with top honours. (July 2020)

How your sewage could help track coronavirus in your neighbourhood. (July 2020)

Biology Alumnus, Adam Dmytriw, Represents Canada in North American Research Linking COVID-19 to Stroke (July 2020)

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