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Ryerson University will be offering a limited number of in-person classes and services for fall 2021. To view information about important school-wide services, please visit the Ryerson COVID-19 page. If you are a current student and would like to reach us at the ServiceHub, please visit our ServiceHub Contact page.

Frequent Questions and Answers


Visit Undergraduate Admissions for information on our programs and information on applying to Ryerson. If you’ve applied, check your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal for communications and updates related to your application.

Here are the top questions that applicants are asking now!

Applications for fall 2022 admission will be available in October. 

Most programs offer admission for September (fall term) only. A limited number of part-time degree programs consider students for January and/or spring admission, and can be confirmed on the Programs Accepting Applications page.

We recommend that you apply by the Tuesday, February 1, 2022 Guaranteed Consideration Date for September 2022 admission. To find step-by-step instructions, check our How to Apply website.

You can find a complete list of our full- and part-time programs on the Undergraduate Programs website. Select a program name to view the Academic and Non-Academic Requirements. Non-Academic Requirements are required for Grades Plus Programs, and may include essays and auditions.

Applicants applying on the OUAC 105 and Ryerson Application forms are asked to submit a Supplementary Form, transcripts and other documents after applying. See Document Submission to learn more about what documents are required and how they are submitted.

Proof of English Proficiency may be required for applicants from countries where English is not the first or official language. See English Language Requirements for more information.

Applicants receive communications and application status updates via the Choose>Ryerson applicant portal, which can be accessed after applying. Check for communications on a regular basis for requests for information, submission instructions and detailed decision letters. 

Students interested in transferring from another post-secondary institution can be considered for admission provided they are either completing a program or are leaving in good academic standing (i.e. eligible for registration/re-admission) at their home institution.  

Applicants must possess the required program subject prerequisites, or equivalents, and required entrance averages for these subjects. Admission is subject to competition. Visit the Undergraduate Programs website for a complete list of all our full- and part-time undergraduate programs

All eligible applicants will be assessed in competition with other new applicants, taking into consideration academic, and where applicable, non-academic criteria.

Visit the Transfer Credits website for details on transfer credit eligibility and how to apply.

Students wishing to switch programs are required to apply for admission into the program; however, students can switch plans (majors) within their program by applying for a plan change

Current students interested in changing their program are required to apply for admission into the new program by using the Ryerson Application and must satisfy all admission requirements, including academic and if applicable, non-academic requirements.  More information is available on the University or College Transfer Students web page.

Students in the Arts, Business Management, Engineering and Science programs can switch their plans (i.e. majors) to move within these programs. For example, they may change their plan from Arts, Criminology to Arts, Psychology; or from Civil Engineering to Mechanical Engineering.  Consult your Program Department regarding instructions for a program/plan change.

Current Students

See the Undergraduate Calendar and Significant Dates for upcoming important dates and official program information and academic policies. Questions regarding your program of study should be referred toward your academic program department.

Here are the top questions that students are asking now!

Fall 2021 will be a transition semester for the university as we work towards having more campus activities done in person.  For more information please view the President's most recent message to the community. Students can expect to receive more information on fall 2021 class formats directly from their faculties and program departments.

To confirm your enrolment with your RESP company, request a Proof of Enrolment Letter online through RAMSS. This official letter will verify your program and enrolment status, and will be accepted by your financial institution as confirmation of your enrolment. Note that we do not complete confirmation of enrolment forms provided by RESP companies.

ServiceCanada, external link, opens in new window is currently accepting Ryerson’s digital Proof of Enrolment Letter in lieu of the signed CPP Declaration of Attendance at School or University form, external link, opens in new window.  Alternatively, after fall classes have begun, you can bring your completed declaration form to the ServiceHub and take an Enrolment Confirmation ticket at the kiosk. A ServiceHub Ambassador will validate the form and return it to you. Please check the ServiceHub in-person hours of operation before coming to campus.

Note: For your enrolment to be considered full-time at Ryerson, you must be enrolled in four or more billing units (i.e. typically four or more courses) each term. See "How do I confirm my enrolment status as full-time or part-time?" on AskRyerson, external link, opens in new window for more information.

On your OSAP application, please report yes that your courses are being offered online for the upcoming school year. If there are any updates or adjustments required from you moving forward, you will be notified via the Ryerson Student Financial Assistance website, your Ryerson email address, or your OSAP Message Centre.

Do not worry about informing us — we will update your OSAP application for you! Student Financial Assistance completes routine course load audits to ensure your OSAP application is up-to-date. SFA will update your course load on your OSAP application 2-4 weeks after you make adjustments to your course enrollments.

Visit Course Enrolment for details on how to enrol into courses.

If you’re a returning student, you are enrolled into courses based on your course intentions.  During the enrolment period, you can make adjustments to your schedule.

If you’re a new student, you will automatically be enrolled into fall term-required courses, if you meet the following criteria:

  • enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program
  • admitted into the first semester of a new program (not Advanced Standing or Direct Entry)
  • offer of admission is confirmed before mid-July

If you’re automatically enrolled into your required courses, your class schedule will appear on your Student Center in RAMSS in early August. During your enrolment period, you must enrol into your elective courses and can adjust your required courses.

If you’re not automatically enrolled into your fall term required courses, you must enrol into all of your courses (required and elective, if applicable) during your enrolment period.

You can adjust your fall 2021 term schedules during the fall enrolment period, which is from Tuesday, August 10 until Friday, September 17. Your enrolment start date will be confirmed on your Student Center in RAMSS. 

You can adjust your winter 2022 term course intentions from Monday, August 23 to Friday, September 17. By selecting your winter term courses now, you will be automatically scheduled into your courses in December and you will have access to priority enrolment dates.


Your undergraduate tuition and fees are paid through online banking. Visit the How to Pay Your Fees page for more information.

You can confirm outstanding fees on your Student Center in RAMSS. For more information, please visit the RAMSS Support: Student Fees page. Keep in mind that your fees may change if you are still adding or dropping courses.

Fall term undergraduate tuition and fees are due Friday, September 17, 2021. Chang School of Continuing Education tuition is due at the time of course enrolment.

Once your OSAP application is complete, the last step is for Ryerson to confirm your enrolment. Ryerson confirms enrolment automatically, starting in late August. To ensure that your enrolment is confirmed without delay:

  • Complete your OSAP application by providing any requested documentation.  
  • Complete your course enrolments on RAMSS. Ensure that the course load percentage reported on your OSAP application matches your enrolment. For example, a 100% course load is five courses.
  • Check your OSAP portal and email for communications, and take appropriate actions if applicable.

Once you apply for OSAP, submit any required documents, and have them processed/approved by our Student Financial Assistance team, they will then confirm your enrolment. Confirmation of enrolment is the process where we prompt the release of your OSAP funding. It takes 5 to 10 business days after your confirmation of enrolment is processed for your OSAP funding to be posted in your student account and/or bank account.

As our timelines are tight, your OSAP funding may not arrive by the September 17 tuition payment deadline. If this is the case for you, don’t worry — you have until the end of September to clear your fees without penalty.  

It’s your responsibility to keep your OSAP application on track by checking your OSAP portal, external link, opens in new window and following up on any communications.

To avoid late fees, ensure you pay tuition and fees that are not covered by OSAP (if applicable) ahead of payment deadlines.

If you need to make changes to your OSAP application after it has been submitted, you can log in to your OSAP account, external link, opens in new window and make the change directly on your online application. Note that some changes may prompt you to submit supporting documentation, such as a name change.

If you are unable to make the change directly on your application, you can upload a signed and dated letter detailing the changes required to your file via your OSAP application, external link, opens in new window. The Student Financial Assistance office will reach out if they have any further questions or documents needed to make the change.  

It can take approximately three to six weeks to process documents from the time of submission. You can check the processing time for documents on the Student Financial Assistance website.

More Questions?

Ask Ryerson, external link, opens in new window is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

For example: "What programs do you offer?" or "How do I apply?"

The ServiceHub team can answer other questions you may have. Visit the ServiceHub Contact page for more information on how and when to contact us.