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Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus. To view information about this and other important school-wide updates, please visit the Ryerson COVID-19 page. If you are a current student and would like to reach us at the ServiceHub, please visit our ServiceHub Contact page.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar (RO) proudly serves the entire Ryerson community.

Each unit within the RO plays an integral role in the entire academic experience of the student body from admission through to graduation. Below is some key information on the importance of the RO and the various services the RO offers that can enrich your experience at Ryerson.

80,000 admission applications processed annually

220,000+ interactions with students via the ServiceHub annually

990 active academic programs and plans in Ryerson's Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS)

8,700+ students graduate annually

$13.4+ million in university scholarships & bursaries

66,000+ academic standings assigned each year

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"

Significant Dates

The key indicators noted above represent just a snapshot of our work. The RO also provides expertise in a variety of essential areas:

We oversee Ryerson's Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS), the university's primary mode of communication with students.

We manage all aspects of recruitment, admission and RO client services for prospective undergraduate students, applicants and current students.

We provide guidance around new programming initiatives, course offerings and curriculum management.

We support all full-time students - and individual course registrants in The Chang School - through student financial assistance, scholarships and awards administration, tuition processing, credit transfers, course and exam scheduling, academic advising, transcripts and graduation.

For general admissions and advising inquiries, please contact the ServiceHub.

Client Services/ServiceHub

Client Services provides front-line support, information and advice for the Office of the Registrar (RO) via the ServiceHub regarding:

  • Undergraduate program choices
  • Admission requirements
  • Application procedures
  • Selection process
  • Submission and/or pick-up of documents:
    • Official transcripts
    • Completed forms like OSAP and scholarships
  • Enrolling in courses
  • Continuing Education course registration
  • Class schedules
  • Exams
  • Applying to graduate
  • RAMSS support
  • Tuition
  • Fees

Client Services/ServiceHub is the point of contact for prospective, current and former students, applicants, parents and counsellors.

For more information on Client Services/ServiceHub and how to contact them in-person, via telephone, email and social media, please visit:

We are constantly looking to improve our services to you. Please take a moment to complete the Client Service Satisfaction Survey and tell us what you think.

Jonathan Christie, Assistant Director |
Kereen Allison, Manager |
Lori Russell, Manager |

Business Systems

Business Systems oversees the essential systems for the Office of the Registrar, the Oracle Campus Solutions (CS), which maintains Ryerson's Administrative Self Service (RAMSS), the university's primary system of academic record for students and the Registrar's Office ECM system (Nolij/Content 7).

Paula Doyle, Director |
Scott Bailie, Assistant Director |


The Communications unit produces print and digital initiatives that support the promotion of the university, help solidify enrolment targets and ensure current students are well-informed.

This unit connects and shares relevant information through the Office of the Registrar's official social media platforms:

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In addition, the Communications team produces engaging video and graphic elements to digitally connect students with the resources and departments they need.

Samantha Read, Assistant Director | 

Curriculum Management - Curriculum Advising

Curriculum Advising provides expert advice regarding curricular and academic policies and regulations. In support of student academic progression and graduation, the unit develops, tests and maintains the Academic Advising (SAS) modules, online service tools, and the delivery of Ryerson’s cohort-based program curriculum through the Academic Advisement Report.

Curriculum Advising liaises with other departments, professional associations, professional regulating bodies, universities and government agencies regarding Ryerson’s curriculum and graduation eligibility verification.

For more information please visit Curriculum Advising

General inquiries:

Sahar Reyes, Manager, Curriculum Advising |
Deanne Wright, Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management |

Curriculum Management - Undergraduate Publications

Undergraduate Publications provides guidance to the academic community with the preparation of program curricular changes, updates, maintains and archives all approved curriculum and course changes, interprets and presents the changes into undergraduate calendar format. This team publishes the Undergraduate Calendar and the Student Guide.

General Inquires |
Angela Beesley, Undergraduate Publications Editor |
Celina Virani, Publications Coordinator |
Deanne Wright, Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management |

Examinations & Academic Advising


The Examinations unit oversees the operation of administering 48,000 of the 105,000 exams held at Ryerson University. While keeping Ryerson’s policies and student experience in mind, this unit:

  • Leads a wide range of university-wide initiatives, including communications and technology implementations
  • Develops academic integrity policies and practices, risk management and security protocols
  • Promotes alternative forms of assessment, to support pedagogy and student well-being
  • Provides training to invigilators and faculty regarding exam administration best practices
  • Plans and coordinates logistics and staffing in large venues

Michelle Green, Manager of Examinations and Special Projects |

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising unit was established and housed at the Registrar’s Office (RO) in 2013 with the intention of supporting the advising staff and faculty of various program departments.

This unit is responsible for the creation, implementation and ongoing development of academic advising programming at Ryerson University by:

  • Supporting a community of practice for staff and faculty that advise students
  • Creating content for monthly emails on advising practices and professional development
  • Facilitating monthly meetings on effective academic advising practices
  • Preparing programming for annual advising conference that takes place each Spring
  • Researching and implementing:
    • An academic advising certificate
    • A competency framework on academic advising
    • Standards and consistency of roles for advising
    • Assessment practices for advising
    • Student retention projects

This unit and the RO is committed to supporting exceptional experiences for students, and this partnership between the RO and our programs is designed to work towards this goal.

For students seeking advising at Ryerson, please note the following supports available:

Academic Advising |

Student Fees

Student Fees provides the details on the cost of attending Ryerson University with a comprehensive breakdown of fees by faculty for both domestic and international full-time and part-time undergraduate students.

For further details on the following items, please visit Student Fees:

  • Student fees
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Residence information and fees
  • Tax receipts
  • Refunds

Vanessa Policheni, Manager, Student Fees |
Shaun Cavaliere, Assistant Registrar, Student Financial Services |

Student Awards & Scholarship

Student Awards and Scholarship manages all the current student awards in regards to:

  • Establishing all current student awards
  • Marketing
  • Administering the application process
  • Liaising with program departments and University Advancement

In addition, this unit plans and executes events on and off campus that celebrate the success of Ryerson students.

To find further details on awards and scholarships available to Ryerson's current students, please visit Scholarships and Awards.

General Inquires:

Matthew Haddad, Manager |
Shaun Cavaliere, Assistant Registrar, Student Financial Services |

Student Financial Assistance

Student Financial Assistance aims to build the bridge between financial affordability and options for students that they are able to pursue their higher education at Ryerson. This unit offers information and access to financial resources from the federal and provincial government, university and donor funded:

  • Scholarships
  • Bursaries
  • Awards
  • Grants and Loans

To find further details on the financial resources listed above and more please visit Student Financial Assistance.

In addition, the Student Financial Assistance unit can be contacted via email, mail, and in-person. Please see below for further details:

  • Fax: 416-979-5081 to submit documents
  • Mailing Address:
    Ryerson University
    Student Financial Assistance
    Podium Building (POD) 59-350 Victoria Street
    Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3
  • In-person inquiries: please visit the ServiceHub

Carly Basian, Manager, Student Financial Assistance |
Shaun Cavaliere, Assistant Registrar, Student Financial Services |

Student Records and Operations Support

The Student Records and Operations Support department ensures the accuracy and integrity of all academic records in support of the mission of the University. Both units work closely with academic and administrative departments, students and external agencies, providing accurate record and enrolment data and policy information, while protecting the privacy of students.

Overview of some activities Student Records/Operations Support performs:

  • Process and complete transcript requests
  • Process grade changes/revisions to student's academic records
  • End of term grading and academic continuance
  • Academic Grade and Standing Appeals – processing decisions to students' academic records
  • Process Chang Certificate Registration
  • Manage Online Enrolment Appointments
  • Maintain and process Wait List functionality for all undergraduate programs
  • Manage and support Visual Schedule Builder activities
  • Responsible for all aspects of academic records for students participating in Fresh Start
  • Process requests for all new Ryerson Student ID for The Chang School
  • Manages the Course Intentions process for all full-time undergraduate students
  • Identity Management
  • Maintain Student Records (SAS) module including Student Record Self Service functionality

Carolyn Posa, Assistant Registrar |
Yuliya Kondratenko, Manager, Operations Support |
Bruno Vani, Manager, Student Records |

Undergraduate Admissions - Admissions, Systems and Data Analysis

Undergraduate Admissions processes and assesses more than 80,000 applications annually for admission to Ryerson's undergraduate degree programs. This unit strives to:

  • Determine and select the most highly qualified and competitive candidates for admission while meeting the university's enrolment targets
  • Maintain the highest degree of client service
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate admission data to improve functions and policies and also inform and assist stakeholders within and outside of the RO
  • Increase the retention of the most highly qualified applicants
  • Ensure the integrity and security of all admissions data that is collected and stored in the PeopleSoft system

Mike Emery, Director of Admissions |
Luca Vani, Assistant Director, Admissions Integrated Systems |
Erika Danziger, Assistant Director, Admissions Policy, Transfer & Strategic Initiatives |
Amanda Tom, Assistant Director, Admissions Operations |

Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits facilitates and manages the transfer credit application process, which entails student applications and faculty evaluation. Given it is an intricate application process, this unit maintains a comprehensive, program-specific database of transfer credit equivalencies for most Canadian institutions.

For more information please visit Transfer Credits. In addition, the Transfer Credits unit can be contacted via telephone, email and mail. Please see below for further details:

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Telephone: 416-598-5959
  • Email:
  • Mail:
    Ryerson University
    Transfer Credit Unit
    POD363, 350 Victoria Street
    Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

Illan Kandiah, Manager |
Erika Danziger, Assistant Director, Admissions Policy, Transfer & Strategic Initiatives |

Student Recruitment - National

Student Recruitment develops and leads all Canadian recruitment initiatives for Ryerson through:

  • Online information sessions with faculty and students
  • National high school visit programs, education events, tours and fairs
  • Open houses, guidance counsellor events and campus tours (both virtually and in-person)

To find further details on the services listed above and more, please visit:

Student Recruitment continues to push innovative recruitment strategies through collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders.

Kelly Campbell, Manager, On-Campus Events, Student Recruitment |
John-Bosco Kaikai, Manager, National Student Recruitment |
Soeun Outh, Assistant Director, Student Recruitment |

Student Recruitment - International Enrolment

International Enrolment provides the university with strategic leadership to support Ryerson’s goal of increased international student enrolment. International Enrolment is a new unit in the Office of the Vice-Provost Students (OVPS).

Cheryl Ramage, Manager |
Salisha Randel, Manager |

University Scheduling

University Scheduling intricately plans and manages schedules for a number of entities at Ryerson, which include:

  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Classes
  • Facilities
  • Exams

This unit aims to maximize the learning experience by providing easy access to a range of courses and innovative facilities at Ryerson through concise scheduling.

Robert Rocca, Manager |

University Registrar

The University Registrar and her team provide overarching leadership and direction for all RO units. They oversee and/or support the multitude of special projects that fall outside the scope of those unit portfolios, as well as initiatives that intersect many different RO units.

Charmaine Hack, Registrar | 
Julie Zahab, Director of Administration and Special Projects |
Michelle Green, Manager, Examinations and Special Projects |
Ava Kan, Administrative Coordinator |
Renato Cayari, Administrative Assistant | | 416-979-5000, ext. 4669