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Student Groups

Ted Rogers Students' Society

All of the Ted Rogers School of Management’s student groups and societies are overseen by the Ted Rogers Students' Society, external link. The Ted Rogers Students' Society links students together from the six separate schools at Ted Rogers under one united voice. As a student-elected society, the Ted Rogers Students' Society represents over 9,500 full-time undergraduate students across the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University campus.

Congratulations to Ted Rogers Students' Society, and President, Brad Wells, for winning Most Outstanding Business Students' Association and All-Star President awards. Read more here, opens in new window


Human Resource Student Association (HRSA), external link, opens in new window facilitates the exchange of human resources knowledge between students, faculty, alumni and the business community. The HRSA hosts a series of events throughout the academic year, including HR Alumni Night, the Organizational Behaviour Case Competition (OBCC), HR Showcase, the Career Mentorship Program and many more. 

ITMSA logo

Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA), external link, opens in new window is a student-run organization that provides advancement, social and academic-related events for the students within the ITM program. These activities enrich their university experience and promote interaction and relationships between students, inside and outside, of ITM. Events include case competitions, networking nights, Frosh Finale and the Ryerson Commerce Games. 

Law & Business Student Association

Law and Business Students’ Association (LBSA), external link, opens in new window focuses on enhancing the academic and pre-professional careers of the students enrolled in the Law and Business major. Throughout the year, unique learning opportunities are offered, as well as networking events and social events. 

Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association (REA), external link, opens in new window aims to broaden the understanding of entrepreneurship within the Ryerson student body. Whether we are helping students start their own business or giving students a way to differentiate themselves in the corporate world, the REA promotes all facets of entrepreneurship. 

Ryerson Economics Management Association (REMA), opens in new window was established to be the voice of all economics students within the Ted Rogers School of Management. REMA hosts several events that expose EMS students to industry professionals and ensure all EMS students receive full support from the Career Centre and the Economics department. 

Real Estate Ryerson student group logo

Real Estate Ryerson (RER), external link, opens in new window is the official course union for the newly developed Real Estate Management major. We strive to embody all sectors of the industry - residential and commercial sales, property development, property management, appraisal, urban and environmental planning, investment analysis and financing etc. We seek to act as the vessel that connects students with a common and professional interest in real estate through a series of highly developed and innovative programs, events, and initiatives.

Ryerson Global Management group logo

 Ryerson Global Management Group (RGMG), external link, opens in new window is committed to enhancing student knowledge of, and experience within, the global business environment. Students are connected to employers through exclusive networking events and are educated about globally-focused career paths in order to expand their cultural understanding of diverse business environments.

Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students' Society logo

Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students’ Society (RHTSS), external link, opens in new window is dedicated to organizing events and activities for HTM students, including a wine trip, annual etiquette dinner, case competitions and industry networking nights. 

Ryerson Marketing Association

Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA), external link, opens in new window serves the interests of Marketing majors and minors. The RMA aims to broaden the understanding of marketing within the Ryerson University student body, exposing students to all areas of the industry. Educational events and competitions include interactive workshops, speaker panels and networking sessions, where students gain a clearer picture of what the marketing world has to offer. 

Retail Student's Association student group logo

Retail Students’ Association (RSA), external link, opens in new window believes in fostering a team atmosphere and a sense of community spirit within the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management. Events include the Michael Belcourt Lecture Series, CIBC Run for the Cure, Journey for Jacob and speed mentoring with prominent retailers. 

Ryerson University Accounting Society logo

Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS), external link, opens in new window is the course union for students of the School of Accounting and Finance. RUAS connects students with industry professionals through networking opportunities, provides education on accounting designations and career options. RUAS also contributes to the growing reputation of the Ted Rogers School of Management through case competitions. 

Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS) logo

Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS), external link, opens in new window connects students to industry professionals through its’ many events, information and recruitment sessions. These initiatives allow students to acquire further knowledge needed to compete in the current business environment and gain a better insight into their future careers.

Congratulations to the student groups who were recognized at the 2021 Student Group Awards, hosted by the Ted Rogers Students' Society! 

Read more here, opens in new window and watch the livestream here, external link, opens in new window


AIESEC, opens in new window is the world’s largest student-run organization, present in 113 countries and territories. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today. 

Black Business Students Association (BBSA), external link, opens in new window was founded in 2020, and is committed to unifying the TRSM Community by increasing the representation of Black student leaders. BBSA provides resources to our students through panels, roundabout discussions, workshops, networking events and various initiatives. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Student Association (CSRSA), external link, opens in new window connects with industry and academia to educate and promote socially responsible business leadership, while promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) values among businesses and all Ryerson University stakeholders.

Deca Ryerson Logo

DECA Ryerson, external link, opens in new window gives students and members the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience gained in and outside of the lecture hall to develop their analytical, presentation and networking skills. Delegates are put to the test when asked to use these skills while competing in case competitions at the regional, provincial and international level throughout a variety of industries, including sports, entertainment marketing and financial services.

Enactus Ryerson University logo

Enactus Ryerson, external link, opens in new window aims to change people’s lives by empowering them through programs and initiatives that use the positive power of business. Members are provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience to achieve personal and professional success. Members compete on a regional, national and international level, showcasing how they are changing lives through business. 

Ryerson Consulting Association logo

Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA), external link, opens in new window is dedicated to bridging the gap between the Ted Rogers School of Management and the consulting industry. Through networking events, workshops and competitions, the RCI is focused on educating and connecting students to professionals and firms in the fields of management, IT and risk consulting. 

Ryerson Data Science Association (RDSA), external link, opens in new window bridges the gap between in-demand data skills and the resources available to Ryerson Students. RDSA is committed to providing Ryerson students with crucial data analytics and data science skills through events, workshops and programs. 

Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC), external link, opens in new window is the bridge between commerce and the creative industries. It is a two day conference connecting delegates to careers and opportunities across the entertainment spectrum. Their vision is to highlight the business potential in the Entertainment Communications and Media Industries.

Ryerson Financial Planning Association (RFPA) , external link, opens in new windowaims to provide Ryerson students with an unparalleled experience and competitive advantage in the field of financial planning, advising, and wealth management.

Ryerson Investment group logo

Ryerson Investment Group (RIG), external link, opens in new window seeks to resemble a full-fledged investment company by educating and engaging students interested in investment and finance. 

RSBA logo

Ryerson Sports and Business Association (RSBA), external link, opens in new window provides a resource that allows students to learn about all aspects of the sports industry and introduces them to the different paths they can take with their degrees in business. 

Ryerson Sales Initiative (RSI), external link, opens in new window is a student run organization that is dedicated to teaching sales skills and strategies to Ryerson students. RSI organizes various workshops and networking events throughout the year to connect students with industry professionals. The aim is to contribute to developing experienced salespeople, giving them the necessary connections to succeed in their future careers.

Ryerson University Co-op Student's Association

Ryerson University Co-op Student Association (RUCSA), external link, opens in new window is focused on enabling co-op students at Ryerson University to stay competitive within the industry while also facilitating a growing co-op social community. 

Ryerson Women in Leadership

Ryerson Women in Leadership (RWIL), external link, opens in new window aims to successfully build an environment at Ryerson University that supports the advancement of women and gender equality while also encouraging students to become successful leaders. 


Ted Rogers Management conference logo

Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC), external link, opens in new window was established to annually recognize and thank Ted and Loretta Rogers for their tremendous support of the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. The conference allows students, faculty, industry professionals and media to explore the business style and work ethic that Ted Rogers embodied.

TRS Outreach Program logo

Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP), external link, opens in new window works towards encouraging prospective Ryerson students to learn more about what our university and the Ted Rogers School of Management has to offer. TROP also strives to support first-year Ryerson students with their transition into post-secondary education.

Ted Rogers Pride Alliance

Ted Rogers Pride Alliance (TRPA), external link, opens in new window mission is to advocate for LGBT+ students interests at the Ted Rogers School. Connect, develop and network all student members (not exclusive to LGBT+ students) to voluntary and professional opportunities with employers, other student groups, and other interest groups. Develop a community for the LGBT+ populace of Ted Rogers School and strengthen the relationship with allies. 

WITM logo

Women in Information Technology Management’s (WITM), external link, opens in new window mission is to empower, encourage and equip females in ITM with the necessary resources to broaden their horizons, exceed expectations and forge through industry barriers. Through networking nights, speaker panels and interactive workshops, WITM enhances personal development by building leadership and mentorship skills.

Student Group Hiring

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"Joining student groups will connect you with like-minded individuals who you can learn from but also develop new friendships" - Sarah Lasagna

Expand your Ted Rogers experience and join a student group, external link, opens in new window!