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Official Identification & Door Access

Your OneCard acts as official identification for students, faculty and staff while on campus.

Occasionally, a member of the Ryerson Security might ask that you provide a valid form of identification (such as your OneCard) where such information is relevant to the legitimate pursuit of their duties. Additional representatives of the university, including exam invigilators, may also ask for your OneCard. Without your OneCard, you may not be permitted to access these university spaces or services.

Gain door access through your department

Your OneCard can function as an access keycard to secured buildings and rooms, through departmental authorization.

By holding your OneCard up against an access reader, the RFID feature of the card will grant access for authorized areas. Doors will unlock once the reader flashes twice. Please be sure to hold your card against the reader for 5 to 10 seconds for the second flash.

If you require door access to a building and/or room, please contact your department for authorization.

A person tapping their OneCard to unlock a door on campus.