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Activate content

Activation is the process of publishing content to your live website.  Every time you make a change, you must activate the file in order for the changes to appear on your live site.

What gets activated? 

Every file that you create or upload to CQ must be activated. This includes webpages, PDF, Word documents, JPG, PNG, etc.

Ways to activate your content

From the Site Admin window:

  • Choose your page
  • Right-click & select Activate Page from drop-down


  • Select file, click Activate from the horizontal tool bar.

 Select multiple files by holding Ctrl key while selecting the required files with your mouse, then click Activate.

While your page is open for editing:

  • Click on the Page tab in your Sidekick
  • Select Activate Page

Pages can be set to automatically activate or deactivate on a specific date, at a specific time.  A page can have both a scheduled activation and scheduled deactivation.

Activate later
  1. Select the page in the site admin
  2. In the tool bar, click the toggle arrow beside "Activate"
  3. From drop-down, choose "Activate Later..."
  4. Select the day and time to choose your activation time.
  5. Click OK


The same process can be applied to deactivate the page at a later date. Select the toggle arrow in the tool bar next to  "Deactivate" > "Deactivate Later".

Important: If you modify the page AFTER scheduling its activation, the change will not appear on the live page when the scheduled activation occurs.

Only changes before you clicked "Activate Later" will show on the live page. To have any changes appear when the scheduled activation occurs, create another scheduled activation to occur a short time after the first scheduled activation.

Check status of activation

Check the status: If the icon is green, this indicates an Activation is set to occur.

Check the status: If the icon is red, this indicates an Deactivation has been set.

Do a full site activation

Go to welcome screen by clicking on the white and green circular icon in the top left of your site admin screen

Click on Replication on the welcome page.

On Replication page, click Activate Tree

Enter the start path of the folder you want to activate:

For your website, the start path must look like this:  

For your DAM folder, the start path must look like this: 

Activate the selection criteria as required:

  1. Only Modified: Only activates pages that have been modified since the last activation.
  2. Only Activated: Only activates pages that have (already) been activated. Acts as a form of reactivation.
  3. Ignore Deactivated: Ignores any pages which have been deactivated.

Select the action you want to perform:

  1. Select Dry Run if you want to check which pages would be activated. This is only an emulation, no pages will be activated.

  2. Select Activate if you want to activate the pages.

 To completely activate all content, you must activate your website and DAM root folders.



Deactivation is the process of removing a page or asset from the live website; however, when you deactivate a file, it does not delete or remove the asset from the CQ/AEM content management system. 

The process for deactivating a file is the same as activating it. Simply select "Deactivate" instead of "Activate." Deactivate is located next to Activate within the Site Admin and Sidekick.