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The sidekick is the main control for editing pages. It acts as a toolbox. From the sidekick, authors can do the following:

The sidekick is only viewable when your page is open for editing.  Components in the sidekick can be dragged onto your open page.

Previewing Content

Authors can also use Preview mode, which hides the sidekick, so that the author can see what a visitor will see.  

The Sidekick minimizes in Preview.  By clicking on the arrow [next to the ?], the sidekick will return to its maximum size.

Sections of the Sidekick include:

The second tab in the sidekick is the page tab. Some common  functions are available via this tab, such as:

  • activate
  • copy
  • show references
  • lock page
  • move/rename

Page properties can also be accessed.

The information tab includes an audit log that will provide information on users who recently modified the page.

Get to know this tab!  Make versions of your files. You will need them.

Regularly create a new version of your files. This will provide you a selection of versions to Restore, if necessary.

At some point you will need this feature!

The most useful tools at the bottom of the sidekick include the edit mode, the preview mode and the earth icon.

The earth will take you back to your website's site admin - the location of your webpages.

Learn to use the sidekick and components to add content to your page.

Sidekick - available when webpage is open