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Table Component

Certain components, such as the Text component, make use of a richtext editor to enter content. To insert a table, click the Table button to bring up the initial table configuration.

How to use

  1. In the sidekick click on "Text"
  2. Drag "Text" onto page
  3. Double click, or right-click to edit
  4. Click on the Table button located in the second row (highlighted in image below)
  5. Fill in the fields
  6. Click OK
Table in text component


Border - a border of specified width will be applied to all cells of a table; 0 will display no border

Cell padding - specifies the distance between the border of a cell and the content inside

Cell spacing - specifies the distance between the borders of each cell

Common Tasks

  1. To display table options, select the table and right-click
  2. To modify initial table settings, select Table Properties
  3. Use the Column and Row sub menus to modify the structure of the table. Actions such as Insert After are performed relative to the location of the right-click  used to open the table menu.
  4. The Cell sub menu performs actions on one or more selected cells. To select multiple cells either drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button or hold the Ctrl key while individually selecting each cell.