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Page properties for legacy templates

The fields and functions available in the page properties of legacy templates is similar to the page properties of the responsive templates but there are some differences.

  • Page Properties can be accessed from the Site Admin by right-clicking on a page, or
  • When the page is open for editing, Page Properties is available via the Sidekick in the basic properties tab

Page Properties include:

Title: Change the Title of your page   

Tags/Keywords: Tagging   

Hide in Navigation: An option that indicates whether the page is shown or hidden in the page navigation.

Support Drag and Drop to generate the left navigation: When enabled on the root level node (example:, this feature allows users to drag and drop pages in the order in which they want them to appear in their navigation.    

Section Number: This is a legacy field (750 template) from a previous content management system, Serena Collage.  When content was migrated into CQ, the navigation continued to be controlled via the section number field – unless the user selects the Support Drag and Drop option above.  Once you have enable Drag and Drop, the section number field becomes redundant.

Page Title: Is viewable in the browser and is used for SEO.

Navigation Title: A title for the page for use within the navigation (i.e. Alumni – Home) . Often shorter than the full title.

Subtitle: A subtitle for use on a legacy page only.

Vanity URL: Allows you to enter a vanity URL for this page.

Redirect Vanity URL: Indicates whether you want the page to use the vanity URL.