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Event Template

This template is used to create an event that has a specific start and end date.

How to create an event:

Important: Be sure to create an archive template before you begin creating event pages. Event pages must be created as child pages of a year/month archive. (See instructions below)

Once you have created your yearly & monthly archives, navigate to the necessary month (01=January, 02=February, etc.)

  1. Click New...>New page
  2. Add descriptive Title and name (filename)
  3. Scroll down the template options and select Event
  4. Click Create
  5. Double-click on new file to open  (alternatively: right-click, then choose> Open)

The template contains an embedded event release with a content tab and Thumbnail tab. The following content fields are available:

  1. Title  - *The event title becomes the default H1
    Note: The Page Title is still the Title added when the page was created
  2. Thumbnail tab - images added here will appear in the grid view of an event list.
  3. Summary
  4. From - you must enter a start date and time
  5. To - you must enter an end date
  6. All Day selection
  7. Event Open to - add the audience permitted to attend if not open to all
  8. Location
  9. Contact
  10. Website
  11. Registration Link
  12. Tags

Note: Other components can be added anywhere below the news release component
i.e. images, slideshows, layout components, etc.

Video tutorial: How to create news & events

Sample event path with required templates

Domain Parent Child Child Child Page /psychology/ /news/ /2017/ /02/ my-event-page.html
Template to use: homepage template general content template Archive (yearly) template archive month Event Template