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Inherited Content Template

Function of the inherited content template (ITC)

Users can add content to common page sections that can be displayed, or "inherited", on any page within your site.

The following site-wide content is created in this template:

  • Site name, or title  (default is "Sample Site Name")
  • Local footer
Inherited content template

The following sections can be inherited on any page you create:

  • Local Header - add your site name this section
  • Local Footer - predefined and new footers can be customized in this section
  • Left Sidebar - right click to add components to this section; layout components are not be available for use in the left section.  Any content added to this section will display under any left navigation present on the page
  • Right Sidebar - right click to add components to this section; layout components are not available in the right section
  • Above/Below Content - any content added here will be displayed on all pages of your site (unless another inheritedContent template file is present elsewhere)
Left content inherited on page

In this sample, an image component is added to the left section of the inherited content template.

You can see the image displayed on a page that includes left navigation.

A section can either inherit the content defined from an Inherited Content template (IHC) above it in the page hierarchy, or it can be set to start a new content piece. The following options are available on sections:

  • Inherit: The section inherits content that has been defined in an Inherited Content template above it.

  • New: A fresh canvas (parsys) is provided for the user to create new inheritable content. This does not apply to the site title.

  • New Predefined: Similar to "New", this option stops inheriting content and embeds a predefined component with a set of variations for the user to choose from. Applies to the footer and local header only.  

  When you create a new ITC, you must set all sections to New or New Predefined.


Set all sections to New/New Predefined

Navigate the tree view of the WCM to locate the parent file where you want to create the new inherited content template. From the horizontal toolbar:

Click New...>New Page...

In the new Crete page window, scroll and select "Inherited Content" and click Create.

The filename and title are autofilled and cannot be modified.

  • The inherited content template (ICT) is a required file included in all new sites. Do not delete this file.
  • The ICT is only visible to content authors in AEM/CQ. They are not visible to visitors of the live site.
  • Left and right content sections are made visible on the content page.
  • The file's name ("inheritedContent)" and title ("Inherited Content)" cannot be modified.
  • New inherited content templates can be added to child pages of your site.
  • Users can inherit content from the root level ICT, or select "New" to add new content.